How to Stop Worrying… 5 Easy Steps

I was not born with the “take it easy” gene. For as long as I can remember my imagination runs wild with the possibilities of what can go wrong…  What if I’m not selected for this particular job? I’m applying to 40 colleges, and may not get into one. Too much fear is irrational. A healthy dose of fear is a survival instinct. So how do you move away from the irrational fear to the healthy fear? The kind of fear that helps you sharpen your skill and insight? 

1. Troubleshoot, troubleshoot, troubleshoot. When you troubleshoot you worry with a purpose. The purpose is to anticipate problems or challenges and then jump in front of then with solutions. It is good to troubleshoot with a partner or group. The more people involved, the more thorough your plan of action and reaction!
2. Keep track of your wins. When you’re successful, it gives you the energy & confidence to keep going. This will give you the ability to tackle new challenges because you know you’ve done it before. Sometimes you will even be able to apply the same process or solution to solve a new problem. 
3. Gather your kitchen cabinet. When my husband & I ran for City Council in 2011 we had a trusted council of advisors. In a campaign you have to be very selective about who receives what information. Our kitchen cabinet was aware of all issues within our campaign. Their job was to ensure that we reached the ultimate goal of winning the election. In life, you need your own kitchen cabinet. A collective of trusted individuals who can offer resources, support and constructive criticism when necessary. 
4. Focus on what matters. What matters are the variables you can control. You cannot control another person and you will waste valuable time and energy trying to do so. Spend your time worrying about those things that are in your control and CONTROL them. What you will find is the things you do control occupy your mind and time and there IS no time left to worry. 
5. Seek a higher power. I use an app on my phone called PrayerNotes. There is a passcode lock on it and it literally allows you to write prayers and organize them into subject matters. Once your prayers are answered, it logs all of your answered prayers. I also keep something called a God Box where I write and store my prayers and review them at the end of each year. Some things are beyond your understanding and sometimes you need a larger force and better advocate to work on your behalf. 
What do you do to better control your anxiety, fear and worries?  Let’s create a massive list together because believe me, it is a daily challenge! 

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