Caption: I took this photo on a suburban street here in Chicago because it had several trees with red leaves. Red leaves make me SO happy! They are my favorite color to spot in the fall 🙂

  • Digging: Alice Smith is my new favorite. Sista girl murdered the “Black Girls Rock” performance and I’m listening to her on repeat now:
  • Not Digging: all of the public transit issues with Ventra. I don’t ride public transportation but many of my students and friends do, and it’s just so sad how much money this company is making for such a subpar system.
  • Drinking: Goose Island Root Beer – brewed right here in Chicago.
  • Eating: daily home cooked meals.
  • Watching: Love & Hip Hop New York and Iyanla Fix My Life
  • Wearing: colored dress pants, skinny jeans and BOOTS. Love my boots!
  • Reading: lots of e-mails!
  • Feeling: excited about our Donda’s House Inc. Open House Performance on 11/21 at Lacuna Artist Lofts. Purchase your tickets for $10.00 here:
  • Weather: it’s Fall. My absolute favorite season. Plus no snow yet.
  • Wanting: to focus all of my energy on Donda’s House Inc.
  • Needing: donations, sleep and a daily cup of coffee
  • Wishing: for all of their dreams to come true.
  • Hoping: for a positive result
  • Thinking: of how much God has blessed me… I can’t even begin to tell you how far I’ve come, we’ve come and how far we’re going to go.
  • Enjoying: life…
  • Loving: my home made french toast… just the thought of it makes my mouth water 🙂

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