Where You Need To Be…


It is 9:59 in Atlanta, Georgia and I am blogging from my hotel room. I just finished attending the Blogalicious 5 Conference and it was one of the most informative, practical and warm conferences I have ever been to. 

Next week, I’m going to share some of the tips I’ve received as well as share some of the SWAG (and there was some serious SWAG) through giveaways here on my site. I couldn’t resist sharing the most important lesson I’ve learned this weekend and that is to be where you need to be. 

I would not be at Blogalicious this year, were it not for the generous scholarship provided to the conference by the site I write for Black & Married With Kids. Ronnie and Lamar Tyler have built a brand that is based on being selfless, and they are committed to their mission of empowering and saving black marriages and families. I had been a fan of their site for a long time, and decided to pitch an article idea about fertility to them. Not only did they like my pitch, they invited me to be a regular contributor to their site and three months later, I am at my first blogging conference! What if I didn’t reach out to them because I let my fear paralyze me? How many opportunities did we lose because we weren’t where we needed to be?

On the cab ride home, there was an older black man, who disclosed that he was 62, and was born and raised in Atlanta. Within that 10 minutes I learned about the history of Atlanta, and I learned about the story of this man who could easily have been my father. I also know that there is a lot of agism in America. We didn’t have that conversation but when I got out of the car I gave him a twenty, and told him to keep the change even though my fare was only $9.00. He started saying “God bless you.” I decided to pay him what I thought my cab fare was worth. 

We all have opportunities to PROVIDE opportunities to others, and sometimes we may not be where we need to be, but there is always another chance to move ourselves into the right position. 

P.S. If you can’t wait until my Blogalicious updates later this week follow my Twitter Timeline @blkgrlunmasked for my live feed and check out Instagram @donnienicole to see some of the amazing people I met! You can also check out the official conference hashtag #blogalicious5 to get some of the nuggets we received this weekend. 

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