What’s In Your Cup?



Caption: I cut this out of a magazine a while ago because it is a visual reminder to look inside of my cup. 

You have a choice about what goes into your cup, literally and figuratively speaking.

On most days I have good stuff in my cup… 100% Juice for a full dose of Vitamin C & a few carbs for energy. Lately I’ve been drinking that brown stuff… PEPSI… by the 24 case and 20 oz. bottle. I’ve also been drinking a lot of home brewed sweet tea and one cup of coffee every morning.

In my life, I’ve put the following GOOD things in my cup:

(A) Organization at work… My classroom is a work of art. I can find everything I need when I need it. I’ve been using Google Docs to keep track of everything and I’m using an online grading system. I didn’t have a panic attack this year for the first time ever when I received the “Grades Due” Memo.

(B) 167 young people… 140 in my day job as a teacher, and 27 in my life job as an instructor/director of Donda’s House. In my day job I’m planning learning experiences that will make them more critical thinkers and careful communicators. In my life job I’m responding to daily text messages and e-mails, co-planning creative writing lessons with my co-teacher and husband.

(C) Football! My step son has practice daily and games every Saturday. I’m definitely one of the loudest moms there and I look great in royal blue.

(D) Self-care. Every two weeks I go get a mani-pedi. It’s one way that I regularly honor myself and the Queen inside of me.

In my life, I’ve put the following BAD things in my cup:

(A) A cape… I try to do it all and as a result some things just go undone or get done much later than they have to be which is NOT acceptable.  I have to start delegating and sharing some of this responsibility.

(B) Net surfing… I spend way too much of my free time on the net. I have to start limiting my online time or structuring it so that I’m getting productive things done.

(C) Negative people… it’s draining… leads me to crash emotionally… I must think of a way to spend more time away from these individuals.

(D) A wacky morning routine… I have to spend more time getting things done the night before so that I don’t leave important things at home or behind. Most nights I’m so exhausted I pass out before I can get to everything that needs to be done. I have to at least lay out my clothing and pack my work bag the night before.

What’s in your cup – good and bad? What are you doing to get the bad things out?

3 thoughts on “What’s In Your Cup?

  1. I absolutely love your blogs, and you! You always challenge me here, I am going to sit down and really think about my cup, and what needs to be added or removed! I have been trying to add some “sugar” to my cup as of late. Dwelling on the sweet stuff of life versus all the not so sweet. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Awww thanks Lauren! I am so happy that you like them and take the time to read them. I love the idea of adding “sugar” in your cup!!! We all need a little sweetness now & them. E-hugs 😉

  2. I have the hardest time doing this one “(D) Self-care.” and I’m constantly doing this one “(A) A cape” though I am trying to delegate more stuff to my husband, he won’t take the initiative to do it himself but will do it once asked LOL

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