Annoying Habits…

It’s Monday and I’m back at work. Summer vacation is officially over! I’ve been thinking a lot about habits. Here are some habits I’d like to either start or stop doing.


– Allowing my unread e-mail messages pile up in my inbox. Even if I know it’s all spam or junk mail it low-key stresses me out to see 100+ unread messages.

– Waking up in the morning to prepare for the day. Must start preparing my work bag, my lunch and my outfit the night before. It makes me feel better prepared and get a better night’s rest.

– Drinking so much soda. I could’ve turned into a soda fountain this summer I drank so much of it.


– Meditating. With my blood pressure issues, I’ve realized that deep breathing actually decreases my blood pressure. Like I’ve watched the number decrease after concentrating on my breathing.

– Writing more. Another form of release.

– Scrapbooking more. I didn’t do much of it this summer.

What are some habits you’d like to stop…. or start?

2 thoughts on “Annoying Habits…

  1. Love this!

    Want to stop being on computer right up until I go to bed, eating too much potato chips/cheetos/doritos ; adding too many things to my calendar (I know I need breaks in between for my sanity and need to honor that)

    Definitely want to start meditating, doing some sort of dance class weekly, and do songwriting (which I did none this summer)

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