How I Start My Day Off Right…

For the last two weeks I have started reading my bible every single day. If you type in “Youversion” in the App Store, an icon that says “Holy Bible” Pops up and it is made by and filed under reference. The cool thing about the Youversion App is that you can select your translation (in my case I prefer the NIV).

A friend recommended a daily devotional called She Reads Truth. You can browse for She Reads Truth Devotionals and they are delivered daily to your mobile device (which for me includes my iPhone and my iPad mini).

Home Page

You can check off the passages as you read them, and then there is a daily devotional which is basically a reflection on the verses for the day. I like the She Reads Truth Devotionals because they are written for women.

Since I’ve started reading my bible & the devotionals daily I’ve realized:

(1) Hearing God’s voice daily makes me see, hear and feel everything more clearly. Rather than just using my own eyes, ears and emotional thermometer, which can be egotistical, one-sided or limited, I am encouraged to look at things from a larger perspective with more compassion, deference and wisdom.

(2) It is easier to confront my fears. Fear can be paralyzing. When I read my bible it boosts my confidence. It’s like having your own spiritual body guard. I feel mentally strong.

(3) It streamlines my decision making process. It is a daily reminder of my values and my priorities. It becomes easier to avoid the behavior, people or experiences that “test” my values and “poke” my priorities. I am a woman of virtue. When I am out of touch with God, it is more difficult to make decisions. Imagine seeing this first thing in the morning:

Bible Verse

(4) I have less stress. I am reminded that while there is a lot that I can control, there is so much that I cannot and I can’t spend my time worrying about those things. I simply pray about them and allow God to work his magic.

(5) I feel more motivated. It is easier to do what needs to be done daily and with a better attitude because I am reminded that my life has a purpose and I have a mission. My morning bible reading is like a spiritual cup of coffee every morning.

I’m not a member of a church but I pray daily, read my bible daily and I try to live a life that honors the magnificence of the creator. I’m deeply spiritual and my worldview is based largely on Christian principles. I try to follow the 10 commandments and I try to be a reflection of God’s light.


*I confess, I do not go to church every Sunday. I was pretty much raised in the church, and it is very difficult to find a church home where people aren’t distracted by the pastor (he/she sometimes becomes their God) or each other (church folks can be extremely judgmental and cold). The truth is, I may eventually find a church home and when I do I want it to be a place where the pastor actually teaches from the bible – I want to be challenged and I want it to be grounded in the word.  It would also have to be a church that is accessible to nonbelievers with a commitment to addressing social justice issues. Until then I focus on my personal relationship with God and encourage others to develop their own personal relationship.

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