Do You Have a Real Man?


1.       A real man is respected and trusted by his family. From his mother, to his siblings, to his cousins, he is the “go-to” person for advice and direction.

2.       A real man is a provider first for himself and then for those he loves (particularly his spouse and his children). Even if he falls on hard times he knows how to pick himself up and he’s always working on his next move.

3.      A real man keeps his ego in check. He admits when he has made a mistake and takes ownership by apologizing and taking the necessary steps to fix whatever has been broken.

4.       A real man sets a positive example for the young men he encounters whether in his family or in the community. He can tell them to pull their pants up, because his pants are pulled up. He can tell them to respect women, because he respects women.

5.       A real man is willing to be vulnerable. He has fears that he can describe, he has insecurities that he has (or is working to) overcome. He understands that he is not invincible.

6.       A real man acknowledges a higher power. He recognizes that although he is “high” up in the hierarchy the creator is the source of his power and he yields to it.

7.       A real man has integrity and he is a protector. He doesn’t put himself or the ones he loves in compromising situations and he considers their needs just as important to his own.

8.       A real man can laugh at himself and doesn’t always get defensive when he does something unintentionally funny.

9.       A real man has goals in life. He’s always working toward something and building something.  

10.       A real man is the captain of his life. Rather than being controlled by the world or sailing aimlessly in the sea, he charts his own course. 

If you’re not dealing with a real man then you are most likely dealing with a boy or a young man. A real man is not dictated by age! Manhood is a mindset…

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