Scrapbook Albums Need a New Home!



So at this point we’re in crisis mode because I literally do not have any more shelf space for any more albums and I will soon be completely done with the two “In Progress” albums. Albums

As you can see on the top row, my albums are complete and ready to move, not to mention I could use the shelf space for more storage supplies. I have 12 completed albums, and the two that are bursting at the seams will bring that total to 14!!! One of my summer projects is to move my albums downstairs to the dining room and put them in one of the cabinets below. I have to have a glass door because my cats have used the spines of the albums as scratching posts in the past! So here are my options:


Gotta love IKEA! This is a Billy Bookcase with a glass door for $159.99. I’d definitely hire a contractor to come and put it together. After working on the Porch Swing, I don’t want to put anything else together this summer lol.


This is the ideal option for my albums. It’s made by Ameriwood It is $126.95 and this could live in the dining room.


This Walmart Heirloom shelf could also work perfectly. It’s $139 Dollars. It actually matches the wood in my dining room perfectly!

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