Keeping Track of Pages To Scrap…

To Scrap


Yesterday I submitted my final grades. I can’t tell you how much stress has been lifted off of my shoulders and how much time has opened up in my schedule!!! After Tuesday I will be off on summer vacay, which means a lot more scrapbooking.

Whether you’re new to scrapping or you’re a seasoned vet, sometimes you come across an awesome idea or you have soooo many photos that you just get overwhelmed and don’t feel motivated to craft at all.

The solution is to purchase a notebook (can be as simple as my mini legal pad) and create a list of pages  “To Scrap.” My list includes both events to scrap – my step son graduated from 8th grade this week, and stories to tell “Solomon Gets His First Bank Account.” Either way it goes, I have an ongoing list of projects and pages that I would like to complete.

Once something goes on my list it gets a folder, and I create a page kit. Whenever I’m ready to scrap, I grab my list and one of the page kits and I get busy. In the case of going out to scrapbook, I grab 10 – 15 kits which keeps me busy for most of the crop.


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