Show & Tell: Baby Books & Poppas

Baby Books

Yesterday, I finished up a baby book for a dear friend and her sweet baby girl and I want to share some of my favorite pages:

The Womb Mate page is a staple in every baby book I create. It’s for the ultrasound pic.


This page is for pics and details about the baby from 0 – 3 months.


This page is for documenting 4 – 6 months.


The milestones page is one of the most important pages because you get to talk about when the baby does what and when the baby does it. From the first word to taking the first steps, the baby will be able to know EXACTLY when she did certain things.


I always include a Family Tree Page. Baby has to know that she has roots!


All of my baby books are customized. Not only do they incorporate the baby’s name, nickname(s), birth year and initials, but I also try to use favorite colors. If you’re interested in ordering a baby book please e-mail me: It takes about 4 weeks, but can be rushed for an additional fee. Although personalized I leave enough room for you to add lots of memorabilia and photos to truly make the baby book your own.



I had the opportunity to talk to my granny about her father, who she calls “Poppa.” I didn’t know anything about him as he passed away long before I was born. Please talk to the elders in your family about your family history! Ask lots of questions and document it. You may not be into scrapbooking, but even if you include the information in a journal or a typed document called “Family History” you will be able to pass along your legacy to your children.

Most families keep a family tree, but very few pass along stories. I’m going to continue to share information on how to document your history, but you can start with my free “How to Scrapbook” Guide. Simply subscribe to the blog on the home page by entering your e-mail and I will e-mail you the guide.

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