10 Things I Wished I’d Done in College…


1. Study Abroad – Seriously even if I had to go over the summer or spend an extra semester, it would have been worth it to study for 10 – 16 weeks in another country.

2. Met more people – I met a lot of people, but now I wish I had met & kept in touch with more of a variety of people. In the working world, it’s all about who you know and I can’t help but think about how helpful it would be now if I knew more people in a variety of professions.

3. Took classes outside of my major – I wish I would have explored more classes in the arts and in psychology. I wanted to graduate in 4 years so I was very much focused on my major and didn’t veer off.
4. Immediately continued on with more education – The further away you get from graduation, the harder it is to go back. If I had been smarter, I would have finished my Bachelor’s and completed a combined Masters/Doctorate Program. What was I rushing for?
5. Published – The more you write, the better you become. I would have loved to have partnered with some of my professors to publish in academic journals.
6. Got more involved w/ President’s Office – I wouldn’t have wanted to be employed by the President’s Office, but I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to pick up some lessons on administration. No matter what field you go in to, it is important to understand how things work from the top down.
7. Played a sport (intramural or team) – I had the Freshman 30… Enough said.
8. More time w/ people of different races – I would have loved to know more about specific cultures. In High School I learned a lot about the Hmong culture, and I should have continued that cultural anthropology.
9. Studied another language – I should have continued to learn Spanish or picked up French or Arabic.
10. Avoided a serious relationship (in my case, marriage!) I got married to my ex-husband (yep, Che is my 2nd husband) during my sophomore year of college. It was too early for both of us and my concern for my husband’s happiness above my own made me abandon a lot of goals and dreams I had. 19 was too young to be married.

One thought on “10 Things I Wished I’d Done in College…

  1. I immediately and completely agree with no 4. I wish I had continued on to masters degree as well. Now I’m married and have a child I don’t want to take the time for school away from my child….I feel as if I could never give that time back to her. I see many of my friends with more than 1 child doing their doctorate and masters and I admire them…I’m taking a few classes now but not in a masters program and every time I have to go to class I hate it…I hate not being home with my daughter it’s terrible the tug of war I feel.

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