Memorial Day… An Office Update

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for taking a break from the barbecue to catch up with me! I’m actually spending the day scrapbooking.

Before I get into today’s topic, I have a 90s R & B/Hip Hop playlist to die for: My playlist includes “Don’t Walk Away” by Jade, “Hey Lover” by LL Cool J, “Candy Rain” by Soul For Real. My playlist has a total of 278 tracks and all you have to do is follow me on Spotify and subscribe to the list. It’s all free! Leave Pandora, iTunes & the other music players alone! Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

This past weekend I did some much needed organizing in my office. Here are the pics:


Caption: I’m still planning to find a new home for completed albums. I finally got the bottom two shelves in order. Everything has its own place!


 Caption: I still love my gallery wall. Next to the cabinet I have some stackable open storage. That is currently being used for my alphabet stickers and the basket on top has adhesive. Eventually it will ALL be uniform. 


Caption: This is my little technology table. I keep my printer, cameo & Xyron sticker maker on top. The inside of the cabinets still need some TLC. 


Caption: I made a little extra room on my desk to have a larger work area. Under my desk I keep my most frequently used Project boxes. 

Image Caption: Next to my desk is my vintage green file cabinet (found on Craigslist!). The side of it is magnetic so I can put inspirational & pretty things right next to me. 


Caption: My Srapbook friend made these cute magnets for me. We truly are “scrap sisters.” 


Caption: Last but not least is my Inspiration Board. I plan to update it at least once every 6 months. I would like to make collages of some sort out of the things that I take down that I really like, and then I will frame & hang the collages. 

I’m still in desperate need of some curtains, an IKEA Raskog Cart, and a cute area rug since I spend so much of my playtime on the floor. I hope you enjoy your memorial day!

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