Weekend Edition – Around The Web…

These are some of my favorite articles from around the web this week:

stock-footage-woman-drinking-juice-and-surfing-the-net-on-digital-tablet1. No Improvements on African-American Financial Experience Survey: http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2013/05/no-improvements-on-african-american-financial-experience-survey/. A must read for anyone in marketing or with a general interest in economic development.

2. How to Break the Procrastination Cycle: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/how-break-the-procrastination-cycle.html. Lifehack offers some amazing tips for beating the procrastination predator. If you’re stuck in a rut, this piece will help you!

3. 25 Tricks to Set Your Mindset to Success: From “you are the CEO of your own life, so begin taking charge and making decisions as if you were being paid for those decisions” to “Keep your end goal in mind. Does the choice fit with your goal or take you in a different direction?” This list http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/25-tricks-set-your-mindset-for-success.html will make you rethink your approach to success.

4. 20 Juice & Smoothie Recipes for Energy & Vitality: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/20-juice-and-smoothie-recipes-for-energy-and-vitality.html. All I can say is bottoms up!

5. Top 20 Body Language Indicators: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/top-20-body-language-indicators.html. What does it really mean when someone crosses their arms or clears their throat? Study this list to not only read others body language but to be in better control of your own.

This week I released my 2nd E-book which is for sale, The Analog Girl Cover Letter Guide. Everything I know about writing cover letters has been included and I wanted it to be affordable so it’s only $5.00. I will also be releasing more E-books in the area of careers and scholarships!

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