Modesty is Beautiful


I had the opportunity to see Imaan Ali at a fashion show recently and fell in love with her style. She’s a beautiful Muslim woman who started Hijablog in 2008.


So many times, women think that they have to show a lot of skin to be attractive and appealing and Imaan reminds us that we can still be stylish. I love the way Imaan wraps her hair, and she layers clothing in a creative way.



I also love the way that she shops at affordable clothing stores like H & M and Forever 21. I’m really going to channel Imaan next year during the Fall & Winter when Chicago gets blistering cold and layers are absolutely necessary. Her looks also work for my job where as a High School Teacher it is both professional and necessary to air on the side of caution and dress a bit conservative. Conservative does not have to mean boring or stale. Try a little mystery next time you get dressed.

4 thoughts on “Modesty is Beautiful

    1. So honored that you stopped by to leave a comment. I seriously LOVE your style! Do you offer personal styling? I’d love to work with you the next time you come to Chicago!

      1. I can’t believe I missed your response until now (I saw that someone was directed from here and thus checked in). I do not work doing personal styling and stuff, but I’d love to meet and do something next time I’m there!

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