Beautiful Flowers for the Season

Last summer I delved into gardening a little bit. I created a beautiful end of summer/fall collection: At the beginning of the summer I started with two little containers on the porch Last summer was our first year in the house and I didn’t want to do too much so I kept it pretty simple.


I went with a friend to three plant nurseries this past weekend. The first place we went was called Gethsemane Garden Center . They had everything from annuals (plants that only last a year/season) to perennials (plants that come back year after year), to shrubs. I also fell in love with the options they had for containers.


The second place we went where I purchases most of plants was called Orchids by Hausermann. Not only did they have a huge orchid garden, but they also had a hefty collection of plants and flowers at excellent prices. Here are some of the orchids:





This place had about two football fields of orchids in every color, shape, variety and stage of growth!

Most of the flats were $15.99 a piece. A flat is a tray full of the same variety of flowers. Then they had a great deal for annuals where if you bought 12, you got them at $3.99 per flower instead of $4.99 per flower. Both rates were the best out of the 3 nurseries we went to.

Here are the flowers I went with:


These border the bushes in the front of my house.


These are the flowers I bought for the two containers on my porch. The old ones were dead and never came back and I decided I’d plant annuals since annuals are known for their color versus perennials which come back every year.

Here is the finished product:



Here is the container on my porch:


And of course I couldn’t leave “The Orchid House” without any orchids so I bought two white ones for the dining room table. Both containers were also purchases at Hausermann’s:


Playing in the dirt feels so good. It takes me back to my little girl days of being outside making mud pies and getting an extra layer of skin made out of dirt. Nature was created to heal our spirits by the creator.

dirty hands

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