I’ve been waiting a few weeks to announce this, but I am officially a writer for Black & Married with Kids Joining the BMWK Family is so meaningful to me because I truly believe that a healthy marriage creates a healthy family which creates a healthy community.

I will mainly be writing about fertility as I have been diagnosed with Incompetent Cervix which is a condition that makes it more difficult for me to carry a baby to full-term. My husband Che “Rhymefest” Smith and I lost our first baby at 5 months in December of 2011. This year we decided that we’re ready to try again, so I will be sharing my experiences from beginning to the birth of our first baby together over at BMWK. There will also be some extra special posts here on Analog Girl regarding women who deal with fertility issues, so join us next week for the first “Fertility Friday.”

Please do me a favor and head on over to BMWK to read my first post, “No Son, You Cannot Be a Rapper” and leave a comment. What would you do if your son (or daughter) said they were turning down a full scholarship to pursue a rap career?

2 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS!!!

  1. Hello. Came to your site from BMWK. I also have incompetent cervix (lost our first baby in July 2012) and look forward to reading more of your story.

    1. Mrs. Sunshine! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so sorry for your loss! IC sort of sneaks upon you and my goal is to increase awareness so that more women can be educated and advocate for themselves & their babies. I will be speaking about IC from the beginning and sharing our TTC process on BMWK. Please feel free to comment or ask questions at any time!

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