Shady Plants…

Now that I’ve planted my tulips and hyacinths that one of my coworkers gave me:


I’m ready to start focusing on the walkway:


Last summer, the plants that I had were not shade resistant. I also waited until the Fall to do anything about the area. The two containers were a nice late summer touch. This year after doing a bit of research and talking to the experienced gardeners I know I’ve decided to go with the following plants which are shade resistant:


Hostas are lovely plants that come in a variety of green and green with light or white trim. I think I’m going to go with the bright green variety. They are also perennials so they will come back every year.


Purple palace is a great border plant. I think I will plant this up against the fence.



Right in front of the Hostas, I’m planning to plant some impatiens. Since these will last through summer & fall, I’d like to go with either orange, pink or purple.

I will keep you updated on my gardening & landscaping. Last summer I pretty much only planted in 2 containers on the front entryway. This summer I’m going to have a wider variety of plants both in the ground and in containers.

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