Organizing My Scrapbook Studio/Home Office

Current State of Expedit Shelf in Office: 11e3b888c72c6d9110ed014c3ee0bd3a

My 12 x 12 paper trays are from Display Dynamics. You can read more about them here.

A lot of my scrapbook supplies live in portable bags because I do the majority of my scrapbooking at crops (read more about that here: After May, I will be doing the majority of my scrapbooking at home.

Current home (Victoria’s Secret Bag)
– Journaling Cards & Labels (3 zip lock bags) – solution: can go into a basket
– Flowers (solution: glass jar)
– Ribbon (solution: glass jar)
– Adhesive (including Washi Tape) (solution: credenza)
– Glitter (solution: credenza)
– Bling (solution: glass jar)
– Metal (eyelets, pearls, pins) (solution: glass jars or jewelry organizer)
– Buttons (solution: glass jar)
– Journaling Pens (solution: glass jar)
Current Home (Archivers Bag)
– Thickers & Letter Stickers (solution: basket)
– Scrap Paper (solution: boxes)
– 8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock (file holder)
I need more workspace. A bigger self healing mat. The mini organizer on my desk needs a new home, as does the white shelf thing.
I could use a tray to hold my tool box and current materials for a current page to make more desk space. I’d like the IKEA 3 tier solution (that rolls). It’s $49.99 and also comes in gray. It’s small enough to be able to roll out of the way and can hold things like my tool bag and whatever else I need next to me temporarily while scrapping:
My completed scrapbooks need a new home. I’d like either a book shelf, a china cabinet or display cabinet to put them in on the first floor. That will free up 2 – 3 cubes on my expedit.
The teaching files need to be digitized and moved away from the expedit (1 empty shelf), both “umm” shelves need to be cleared, as does the paperwork shelf.
The Expedit will be used for supplies that I use all the time. The credenza will be used for supplies I use less often and the closet will be used for items I rarely use.
I can add a magnetic basket to the side of my file cabinet to hold my paper cutter.
Printer paper can be added directly under the printer and moved off the expedit. 8 1/2 paper can be stored in it’s place.
Scraps should be sorted again to solids and patterns. I can use purple or lime green boxes or one purple and one line green. I’m considering this solution which retails at $57.95 for all three. I’d get the purple & lime green sets. The larger boxes are 17 x 13 (Perfect for scraps) & the smaller boxes can be used to hold other items around the office.
Read about what inspired this organization project here:

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