Spotify Is Better Than Pandora… and iTunes!


Change is hard, and if you’re using Pandora, it may be hard to convince you that there is something better. I’m still steaming due to the latest iTunes interface lift. It’s difficult to navigate!

Pandora has over 900,000 songs from over 90,000 artists.
Spotify has more than 15 million.
Pandora is simply a radio station, Spotify has a radio platform (where you can create a station based on an artist or a specific track) but it also has a another unique feature.
You can search for any track, album or artist and play a specific song from any album. When you first sign up for Spotify, it even syncs your iTunes libraries into the application. You can also create playlists and access the songs offline without incurring additional charges beyond your monthly subscription!
Think about the amount of space you will save over time by keeping your music “in the cloud.” Think about the amount of money you will save by using subscribing to Spotify Premium is $9.99 per month which gives you access on your computer, as well as your mobile devices. For $4.99 a month you can get unlimited access on your computer. Both subscription services are ad free.
If you love Pandora, you will be addicted to Spotify. Sign up here:

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