How I Approach A Blank Scrapbook Page

I’m currently enrolled in an online scrapbooking class at Big Picture Classes called Organizing FUNdamentals. I’m hoping to make a more efficient and inspiring scrapbook studio/home office:

IMG_1887 Caption: This is a photo of my Expedit Shelf that needs some TLC on the bottom two shelves!

In order to make a layout, I usually start with the photos and from there I match the paper. I try to either take clues from the colors in the photo OR I choose paper based on the mood I’m trying to convey.

Very rarely do I start with my favorite products. The products are always secondary for me.

Sometimes I start with a story, and in order to do that I go to my  “Memorabilia/To Scrapbook” Binder/Basket (Note to self: that basket is not big enough right now, everything is kind of spilling out).

I usually use items from my stash and if I don’t have what I need to complete my vision I go purchase it (e.g. the perfect shade of navy blue 12 x 12 textured cardstock or a flower in a certain color) or add it to my “to purchase” list and put the materials in a “Page In Progress” file to complete later once I have the materials I want.

I’m usually a single page scrapbooker unless I have a ton of photos & memorabilia and in that case I’ll create a double page layout. If I have 4 or more 4 x 6 photos, then that usually calls for a double page layout.

I’m hoping that this insight helps me to organize my space better.

How to Create a Memorabilia Binder –

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