The Dating Checklist vs. The Wish List


When single, we all know exactly what we want. From the skin color, to the height, to the type of package and paperwork that he comes with… we could make a Criminal Profiler blush! But at what point does “the list” become a barrier between you and the type of love that you’ve always wanted?

There is nothing wrong with preferences and wishes. Visualization is a wonderful tool that will allow you to imagine and “manifest” the type of relationship that you want, but you should think about it more in terms of a wish list than a check list.

There are some things that are non-negotiable and those “non-negotiables” are not the same for everybody. For you, it may be religion. For someone else, it may be educational level. The point is your non-negotiables shouldn’t necessarily be long enough to fill a scroll because the truth is… there are a lot of good men and good people out in the world.

Think about your best qualities and your worst qualities. We all have them. Maybe you’re a little scatterbrained, or you have commitment issues, or you’re moody? What would happen if someone overlooked all of your positive qualities because you were a procrastinator? Maybe you made a mistake in your past – and it let to a permanent change in your life. Would you want someone to hold that over your head and judge you even though you’ve learned your lesson and you’re a new person?

I’m not saying throw your standards out of the window. All I’m saying is that a “wish list” rather than a “check list” will open your mind and your heart to something new. You’ll look in a direction you’ve never looked before. You’ll return a phone call you thought you’d never return and you’ll see beauty and potential in something that someone else discarded or overlooked…

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