Printing A Picture of a Picture…

Technology is freaking amazing!

While in Kansas City with my mom and family this past Thanksgiving, I did something I always do. I  pulled out the photo albums. My mom had a box of photos prepared that she was sending me back to Chicago with. Then there were a ton of photos that she was not ready to part with (at least not yet lol), so I snapped a pic of the photos on my iPhone.

In order to do this you have to turn the flash off and get in decent/good lighting. Be sure to take the photo as close up as possible. I had the most success standing directly over the photo and placing it on a flat surface. Don’t hold it so that it can actually look like a print!

You can then upload the photo to your computer OR you can e-mail it to yourself and download it on your computer.

You must use a good quality photo printer. I use Persnickety Prints. They are fast, affordable reliable and the quality is great. Here is a page that I completed recently with an iPhone captured photo of a photo:

Full Page

NOTE: The title was cut out with my Silhouette Cameo.

Here is a close up of the photo of the photo, that I had printed in 4 x 6:



And then finally here is the journaling on the page about the photo which features me and a good chunk of my cousins from my generation (my grandmother had a lot of siblings so I have a lot of cousins)!



The next time you come across a photo that you want, but the owner won’t let you have it, just snap a pic of it with your iPhone. Forgive me Android users, I’m #TeamApple, so I’ve never tried this process on your mobile platform.

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