Handling Business Yandy Smith Style…


I watch Love & Hip Hop . I’ve watched the show since Season 1. For me reality TV shows are like modern day soap operas, the only difference is the characters are personas that actually exists rather than fictional characters.

This past week I was thoroughly impressed how Yandy Smith handled a probable conflict with Rashidah Ali. Basically, Yandy was at an event, and Rashidah approached her because she had heard from another cast member that Yandy’s boyfriend/child’s father had been talking about her negatively. Yandy had been told by her boyfriend that he had a sexual relationship with Rashidah in the past.

Yandy handled the situation very maturely telling Rashidah, “I’m a business woman… I’m gonna handle you like business.” She continued to tell her that it wasn’t the appropriate time or the venue to address her concerns, especially considering that it was Rashidah’s shoe launch event. In an off camera interview, Yandy discussed how she would never allow another person to make her “act out of character.”


I’m a strict follower of that philosophy as well. Rashidah wanted nothing more than to make Yandy angry or hurt her feelings, because she was hurt. Yandy wouldn’t give Rashidah the pleasure which ultimately protected her reputation and her brand. Not to mention the fact that if you have a verbal or a physical confrontation as a grown woman – the stakes are higher and the consequences are steeper, and unless your life is threatened, it’s really not worth the headache.

Some conversations just don’t belong in the workplace, and when you’re a business woman and a professional, you have to understand that your character and the ability to control your emotions ranks high. You can’t be a PR person and not know how to handle yourself in public. You can’t be an entrepreneur who airs your dirty laundry all over social media. Damage control is so much easier when you’re not the one doing the damage…

Yandy Smith blogs for Black Enterprise here: http://www.blackenterprise.com/tag/yandy-smith/ and she owns an accessories line called Everything Girls love, which you can find here: http://everythinggirlslove.com.

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