Too Much History Can Be A Bad Thing


Too Much History Can Be a Bad Thing by Che “Rhymefest” Smith 

 Our new generation suffers from so much.

It goes beyond the symptoms of crime, miseducation, joblessness, bad rap music, immoral behavior and lack of parental guidance.
In my experience, observation and world travel, I believe we suffer from a history of great failures.
Shorties know Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in his NON VIOLENT struggle, Malcolm X was assassinated by BLACK PEOPLE, our historic financial institutions like Black Wall Street in Oklahoma were burned to the ground with help from the government as our great grandfathers were being given syphilis as an experiment in Tuskegee.
           Our youth know about the Black Panthers who were once pillars of protection against police brutality dying in the streets years later as crack heads, drug dealers or being ran out by  local street gangs.
History has taught our children that we don’t own the planes that bring in the guns or the drugs, all we do well is sell them to each other in our confined space.
They see old school preaching civil rights and media whores not train youth they can relate to, to lead.
Our shorties suffer from their knowledge of our long rich embattled history not bearing any great fruits for us as a whole.
           How now, can we ask young people to vote when once Barack got in he pulled the ole “umm? I’m everybody President”
as if to say niggaz go to the back of the line were y’all used to.
We all lost a bit of that hope sold to us.
Apathy takes over and we stop believing in anything.
We’ve seen it all, heard it all and it’s not new, impressive or amazing anymore.
We desperately need something different. Something that lasts forever and substantially changes our situation in America.


2 thoughts on “Too Much History Can Be A Bad Thing

  1. hmmmm. Interesting. The last two lines in your article are of utmost importance. There is a false sense of complacency running rampant and it will not last forever. At some point things have to change and they will because change is inevitable. However, nothing lasts forever. Perhaps a spiritual and mental change should occur first. This way, people can be prepared for the things that are to come.

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