Hair School: Why Am I Here? by Dominica Martin


The school started to have hair shows, and all sorts of events for students to showcase their talent. I was a freshman, and in this hair show we competed against seniors as well. I was so excited, and I knew that this was the perfect time for me to do my thing.  I hand-picked my group of my classmates who I knew would give 100%, we picked our theme, and we planned. Being that I have been into hair for 10 years, I know some things. I have participated in hair shows since the age of 14. I called a DJ I know, and had him make a custom show tape, found our models, we had props, costumes, and of course the hair was a given. On the day of the show the excitement and competitive air was thick. Everyone had their game faces on, and made sure that they brought their A game. It was show time! Our audience was there which consisted of family, friends, and classmates that chose not to participate. Judges took their seats and prepared to watch the show. Talk filled the hallways about who would win first place as we all lined up with our models, and watched the contestants go 1 by 1. The time came for the last group to go, it was US. I started the show tape, our smoke machine filled the stage with puffy clouds, and there they were. My models turned up! After we finished the judges congregated to make their decision while we all danced, conversed with guest, and anxiously waited for the results. They thanked all of the participants, and then started to call out. 3rd place winner is…….(it wasn’t us)  2nd place winner is….(it wasn’t us) , and the 1st place winner is……MOB WIVES!!!! We won! We ran out, got our gifts, and thanked the judges. It was a great accomplishment for all of us, and we worked very hard to put on the best show. After that day, for me, hair school was never the same.

Out of the blue, every ones true colors started to show. Girls who were cool with me last week, gave me dirty looks. People started putting my name in places it had no business and blowing up on me just for the hell of it. It got to a point where anything good I did, meant that I would have one less friend the next day, if not 2. If I would finish a haircut before the rest of the class, they said I thought I was better than everyone. I get 100% on a test, they said I was a cheater. It was even said that I only purchased a new car because I was jealous of someone else. Anything under the sun that they could pick on, they did, even if there was nothing wrong with it. I have since realized that I am truly there for one thing which is to obtain my license, and move on with my life.

The issue is not me personally; it is that I am doing good things. Everyone is not there for the same reasons, and your reason is the very thing that will determine whether you sink or swim. When you are doing well, and reaching your dreams one step at a time, some people will do ANYTHING to confuse your process, and destroy your progress. Some of these girls would love nothing more than to see me thrown out of school, with everything that I’ve worked for down the drain.  When you have a vision, you have to figure out what is more important, ego or vision, pride or vision. Well, for me, my future is more important than any obstacles thrown at me by those who only admire me, but express it in a different way. So I have separated myself from those who pose a threat to my progress, and I stay in a protective bubble.

Since then, I have launched my virgin hair company Le’Anns L.A. Hair Extensions, and I am working hard towards its success. My grades continue to soar, and I am looking forward to graduation in 3 months. Afterwards, I will relocate to Chicago to open a Salon/ Spa, and return to school for my educators license which only takes 7 months. I still run into issues with girls for one reason or another, sometimes there is no way around it. On the brighter side, I figure that this is preparing me for the constant scrutiny that is to come as I climb higher in the hair industry. Everything happens for a reason, and I’m aware of my reasons for being in “HAIR SCHOOL”.

Check out the first entry for this new column “Hair School: Welcome to Hair School” here:

Dominica Martin is the founder and CEO of Le Ann’s L.A. Hair Extensions. She is a stylist with 9+ years of experience. Dominica will be writing a weekly column here on Analog Girl and her column is called “Hair School.” 

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