Welcome to Hair School by Dominica Martin


Welcome to “Hair School” where beauty, brains, and talent collide. It costs $18,000 to attend, so you better make the best of it, and learn all you can. In the beginning the instructors tell you “Abide by these 3 rules, and you’ll be good: 1. Stay focused 2. Don’t ever bring your man to school 3. Stay out of the drama.” At first, I thought that’s nothing! I work, and have so many other things going on, so I don’t have time for drama. I’m here for one thing only, and that is to obtain my cosmetology license, and return for my educator’s license, in hopes of eventually moving to Chicago, and owning a salon/ boutique. Well things aren’t always as easy as they seem.

At first, you meet many girls, most are friendly and welcoming, and others reek of jealous mean mugs based on first impressions.  One thing you can be sure of is that all of them are waiting to see if you are really about that “Hair Life”. I’ve realized that everyone is usually nice to you until they see what you are capable of, and think that you are a threat. During my first months of the beginning of my new chapter, I received award after award for student of the week, perfect attendance, I passed all modules with a 95% or better, and my practical skills were amazing. I gained the respect of my educators, executive directors, even students who knew I had a lot to offer, and wanted to learn from me. At one of the award ceremonies my instructor said that she saved the best for last, gave me my award, and announced that I was her co- instructor. I was very knowledgeable, and once my work was finished I was always willing to assist a fellow classmate if she was busy. I knew at that point, things were about to get real.

As time passed, I started relationships with my classmates, and it seemed as if we were closer to each other than we were to our own families. When you are around the same people every day, you eat together, learn together, comfort each other, and relationships are formed with those who you relate to the most. Even though we were all cool to a certain point, there was always an argument/ misunderstanding, and someone talking about someone else’s business. Is this normal? The drama did not discriminate, and excluded no race, age, creed, or color. The 40 yr. olds were gossiping about the 20 yr. olds, and the instructors were gossiping about everybody, the thirst got real… to be continued next week.

Dominica Martin is the founder and CEO of Le Ann’s L.A. Hair Extensions. She is a stylist with 9+ years of experience. Dominica will be writing a weekly column here on Analog Girl and her column is called “Hair School.” 

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