National I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day


Today, January 7th is “I’m Not Not Going to Take It Anymore Day.” Sometimes it takes utter frustration, boiling point anger or deep sadness to say enough is enough. Today, I want you to choose something that you’re not going to take anymore. Whether it is a situation at work, your job itself, a bad relationship or a dangerous habit, choose one thing that you’re not going to take and do something about it.

Have you been procrastinating against getting something done? Make that appointment. Clear the clutter pile. Call that friend or write him or her a letter.if you’re unhappy with your job, update your resume, look online for jobs, contact the career center at your alma mater about job leads or start taking steps to become an entrepreneur.

There are a few things that I’m not going to take anymore!

I’m not going to take thinking about someone and not letting them know. Whether it is my mom or s long lost girlfriend, I’m planning to send more texts, write more handwritten notes, and make more phone calls just to say hello and ask how things are going

I’m not going to take laziness or excuses on my part as it relates to exercising. I’ve been working out consistently since right before thanksgiving and I plan to continue to work out. I’ve noticed some results and I’m losing pounds.

I’m not going to take (as much) procrastination. I wear several hats as a teacher, a non-profit board member, a wife/step mom, a memory keeper, and a writer. All of those roles are important to me and on my best days, I do something to advance goals in all of those areas. On a good day papers are graded, lessons planned, dinner is prepared and my husband, step son and I have a good conversation, emails are sent and meetings are planned, layouts are created, and my blog is updated. On a bad day, I only do one or two things and I ignore what needs to be done and feel guilty about it later.

Now is the time. What are you not going to take anymore?

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