My Word for 2013… Surrender!

Ali Edwards, a memory keeper, has been encouraging people to choose one word for the year. My word for 2012 was “execute.” There were some things that I wanted to get done and see through to the end. Those three little syllables reminded me to “do it now,” “get it done,” “just do it!”

I had been thinking all week about my word for 2013 and nothing was sticking. I saw a Facebook Status update from one of my sorority sisters about “Midnight Meditation” with Shanel Cooper-Sykes. I’ve been following Shanel for a few years now on Twitter so I decided to hop on the call 18 minutes later. There were lots of things that she said that resonated with me, but once we started the meditation (with 1,000 callers tuned in), and she started talking about surrendering to God, I knew that I had my word.


Surrender – (verb) to cease to an enemy or an opponent and submit to their authority

In order to surrender, I must stop seeing God as an opponent by lack of faith, by ignoring his voice, and by attempting to force my will. To surrender means to submit to his authority, period. Praise is fine. Prayers are uplifting, but it is my belief that we can only experience transformational change by surrendering which means allowing God to have full access to our lives, full control over our behavior and choices and we must act on his directives. By surrendering I will:

  • Speak less & listen more.
  • Worry less & pray more.
  • Complain less & show gratitude more.
  • Move less & be still more.
  • Watch less & read more.

What’s your word for 2013? You can read more about Ali Edwards here: Be sure to read the comments to check out other people’s words!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this! My word is Wild…really letting go and surrendering to what God has for me and not trying to control it. The image is jumping into a beautiful ocean or lake…the jumping and being in the waters of life is a wild fun experience if we allow God to fully hold us up. Here’s to a 2013 of more being free and a ton more coffee time with you 🙂

    1. I love your word for 2013 and we must do regular coffee time in 2013. I did not see you enough in 2012!

  2. Javetta says:

    You have inspired me to pick a word for 2013. I choose CLARITY 🙂

    I miss you much, dear.

    1. Hey Javetta! I’m so happy to see you and can’t wait to talk to you! Happy New Year and I love your word for this year!

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