Travel Files


Right now I’m in Tampa, FL with my husband and my step son for a National Football Championship and I just wanted to share a few tips.

1. Buy your tickets and your car online. We were able to pick up the rental car directly from the airport and spent less money than we would have if we had rented them separately. Plus it is so much easier to get around and do what you want when you have your own set of wheels.

2. Use your smart phone. There are two apps that have been great. One is called Yelp, which allows you to not only find food, gas, Walgreens etc. you can also get driving directions, hours and read reviews. I was able to find the closest five star beach by looking at Yelp. The other app that I absolutely love is called GPS Drive. It is the highest rated GPS App in the store and you can pay like $9.99 for live Voice Guidance. This app has always been correct in getting me from point A to point B. It also gives you an ETA and you play music through the app.

3. Pack for weather flexibility. While it has been warm in Florida, at night it does get a little chilly. I am so happy that I packed long pants, hoodies and a light jacket. Really research the weather in the town you are traveling to so that you can make sure you’re not only cute but comfortable.

Happy travels!!!

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