Week 2 – Organization Challenge – Brainstorming

Last week I started Wookiemouse’s organization challenge. Click here for more info: https://donnienicole.com/2012/11/10/organization-challenge-week-1-space-audit/

If the Scrap Fairy came to visit me, she’d leave a clean & tidy space where all of my supplies and materials were easily accessible. I need:

A ribbon jar. I don’t use ribbon on every layout but I’d like to be able to see all the ribbon I have.

A flower jar. I love paper and fabric flowers. It would be nice to put them in a jar because they look so pretty when they’re stored together.

A tape basket. Again, not something I use much of, but it would be nice to display it all together.

A metal box. For my brads and eyelets. For my bling embellishments (rhinestones).

A new memorabilia box. The current box is falling apart and its made out of fabric. I need one that is made of plastic (perhaps the creative memories box)?

Another major issue that I have is lighting. I need a bright light to shine on my desk when I’m working. I also have to figure out what to do with the wall above my cabinet.

I need my purple curtains which will be visually stimulating and some small speakers so that I can listen to music/Paperclipping Roundtable (PRT) Episodes. Here are some pics of my space right now:



I was going to display some of my current/favorite layouts and/or photos above the cabinet. My husband says he wants to put a TV in there and mount it on the wall (definitely not a bad idea either). So I don’t know what is going to happen to the space above the cabinet.

This is the closet inside of my office. I would like to have the wonderful folks from the container store come out to build ceiling to floor shelving as well as to install some lighting. That way I can have additional storage space for materials and supplies.

I go to crops pretty regularly and don’t want to have to “mess up” my room layout. I’m writing a note to self that rather than buying “random” embellishments, I purchase items with a specific page or project in mind.

My perfect room would also have a silhouette cameo, that way I can cut down on my use of Thickers. Thickers are great, but at $4.99 a pack, plus the unfortunate way that the stickers fall off and get attached to other things they aren’t supposed to be attached to, I’d like another option. I hear that the you can create a cut-out of any font on your computer with a silhouette cameo, which is a wonderful option for my crafting needs.

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