What Is Love… Really?


People throw it around all the time. Especially during “cuffing” season lol. There are all different types of love, but what I want to talk about is divine love. I believe our President & First Lady have divine love. Divine Love:

1. Is not selfish – decisions are often made with the other person’s feelings and wishes in mind, not the other way around. It’s less about me and more about we.

2. Is a priority – there are no purposefully unanswered texts or phone calls. With divine love you are not the 2nd or 3rd person in line. Divine love is not bench love – it’s consistent & persistent. It endures.

3. Is inspiring – it makes you a better person. You become a better man or woman. You’re constantly being challenged to improve and to take healthy risks.

4. Is healing – it’s good for your body and your blood pressure. It doesn’t hurt physically and you are not someone’s punching bag or emotional sparring partner. It embraces you and all your little quirks. It makes you smile and feel warm.

5. Can’t be tampered with – it’s long term. Nothing can be said or done to separate you from the other person. God has blessed the union by showering down his miracles and his mercy. There are few things that you could go through – a terminal illness, death of a child, poverty, etc. that would make you leave your partner. You (and your partner) feel like you’re the only one in the world for each other.

Remember that divine love takes work. Communication and quality alone time. You will both make mistakes. If you stay in it for the long haul though, your divine love will be blessed.

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