Project Office/Scrapbook Room Update

My scrapbook room/office is coming together quite nicely. A few weeks ago I was here:

After a visit to Archivers, I was able to add some 12 x 12 cardstock to my paper trays:

Well over the last week my peacock feathers (yes, they are REAL peacock feathers – 100 of them!) finally came in:


My husband picked out the PERFECT green vase to store them. I plan to add a purple ribbon to it sometime soon.

And imagine my excitement when I saw this peacock themed paper at Michaels this week:


I’m planning to incorporate it into the decor for the wall frames and as matting for stand alone picture frames. I also picked up some glittery cardstock to coordinate with the peacock paper:


I am very happy to have a creative space that is all my own. I’ve decided to take part in Wookiemouse’s Organization Challenge I discovered her and her challenge at the scrapbooking megasite Two Peas in a Bucket. So every week now, you will get an Organization Challenge update as I put my office together. I’m planning to update it every weekend, since that is when I will be doing most of my craft work.



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