New Lauryn Hill Song “Repercussions”

Lauryn Hill was one of the few artists who provided the soundtrack of my teenage years. She was one of the reasons that I decided to go natural as a 17-year-old girl. I heeded her advice when she sang “girls, you know you better watch out/some guys, some guys are only about that thing…” I cried the first time I heard the “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Lauryn literally touched my soul when she sang “my world it moves so fast today/ the past it seems so far away/ and life squeezes so tight that I can’t breathe” and I cried as I kept telling myself “deep in my heart/ the answer it was in me/ and I made up my mind to define my own destiny.” No one can tell me that “so while you imitatin’ Al Capone/ I be Nina Simone / and defecating on your microphone” aren’t the greatest 3 bars written in hip-hop history. I love her and my spirit craves her voice. She had the perfect blend of feminine masculinity. She could hold her own. Well, today I found a little treasure on iTunes that was released June 22, 2012 of this year. It’s called “Repercussions” by boywonder featuring Ms. Hill:

Hopefully there is more where that came from! Oh and random thought Lauryn should totally play Nina Simone. Either Lauryn or India Arie…


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