Blood Pressure & Breathing

I had to get a tooth extracted yesterday. There was no way that I could stay awake so I had to be sedated. There is nothing I fear more than the dentist.

They hooked me up to all the monitors & my blood pressure was taken. It was too high. Like 169/114. They said they couldn’t sedate me unless the bottom number was under 100. This was the first time I ever had to be sedated. The beeping of the machines & the fear of the unknown was definitely getting to me.

The dental assistant said “We’ll give you a few minutes to relax.” I started concentrating on my breathing. Inhaling & exhaling deep breaths. Filling my lungs with as much oxygen as they could hold. Slowly but surely, the number started falling down. 157/107. Then it hit me… my breathing was controlling my blood pressure!!!

When it comes to certain illnesses, we often place the blame on external forces, but there are some things that we can control… So now when I feel myself getting worked up, especially after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, I will remind myself to breath deeply…

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