Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Getting Dumb?


I’m an Aquarian which by nature makes me very intuitive but I’m starting to feel like only relying on my intuition – my feelings and my hunches is irresponsible and frankly lazy.

I’ve spent most of my life reading and studying and even in my career path I’m always researching and studying in order to teach my high school aged students. However, the reality is I’m not reading and studying enough outside of my job requirements and I need to do more.

Many of us rely on the media to tell us what to think, and if its not the media it’s our parents, our peers, our religion. Honestly, the thing that I miss most about college is the 24-hour inquiry. The time and the opportunity to delve deeply into social issues and history. The conversations with friends and acquaintances about the meaning and purpose of life into the wee hours of the morning. College life was like a daily dissertation where I had to show & prove my ideas and my arguments on paper and in speech. While I don’t have as much time now as I did then, I waste too much time & energy social networking, looking at Pinterest and staring into space.

6 years out of college, I feel intellectually sluggish not because the interest is not there but because I’m not spending enough time developing my ideas which come from reading, studying & reflecting. I’m not as sharp as I used to be & my memory is not as good. So, I’m making a commitment to do some non-fiction reading and writing every day. I plan to read for at least one hour and write for 30 minutes every day going forward. It is also important to keep the brain engaged because it helps to prevent Alzheimer’s. What are you doing to increase your knowledge about real-world issues?

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