From Michelle Obama’s Husband

Via President Obama’s Facebook Page:

“The friendship that we established early on in our marriage … that carries you through tough times. That and a good sense of humor.”— President Obama

How do you establish a friendship?

(1) Establish trust. Trust is created by honesty, consistency and dedication. Your partner needs to know that you’re there for the long haul and won’t run at the first site of danger or discomfort. It is important to follow through on your word and to be honest, even when it hurts for the betterment of the relationship.

(2) Provide a support net. This goes hand in hand with establishing trust. Your partner needs to know that he/she can talk to you about anything and that you are going to be their biggest cheerleader.

(3) Spend (uninterrupted) time (alone) together. Turn off the cell phone, the tv, the computer. The only buzzing thing should be your heart beats. Find a babysitter for the kids and at least once a week (or what you and your partner decide), “check-in.” Gaze into each other’s eyes. Have a conversation that goes beyond what’s for dinner or what happened during the day. Love on each other. Flirt. Date. Act like teenagers or kids.

Also, remember that every relationship has tough times. Honestly, the better the relationship the more hard work that happens behind the scenes. It’s so easy to look at a relationship from the outside with envy or longing but you never know the grunt work that’s happening behind the scenes. You don’t know how much forgiveness has been given, or tears have been shed. How many doors may have been slammed or minutes of sad silence that they may have endured.

Finally, be willing to laugh. Laugh at the hurdles life puts in your way, laugh at each other, your partner and most of all, laugh at yourself!

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