Are You Neglecting Yourself?


We can get so busy caring for, nurturing and supporting others that we forget about ourselves. There are little small things that you can do at home and work to give yourself a little love.

1. Get groomed & pampered. You know that Spa treatment that you keep looking up or that hairstyle you’ve been dying to try? Do it! When we have our physical selves in order we exude confidence and ooze happiness.

2. Buy nice work accessories & decorate your work area in a way that inspired you. Sure, the $2.00 stapler works just as good as the purple ergonomic stapler, but that purple stapler looks better to you. It’s okay to splurge a bit on office accessories, especially those that you have to use on a daily basis. Consider added an electric kettle (about $15.00 at Walmart) so you can treat yourself to
hot tea. Add a reed diffuser to the public bathroom so that it smells good when you use it. All of these little things are like love notes that you write to yourself all day.

3. Schedule some adult time + me time. Get past the idea that you’re somehow a bad parent if you take a little time for yourself every now and then. While it may be difficult for you to find child care, you and your boo can engage in a little date at home by playing games (scrabble, or even Wii bowling), reading together, or preparing a meal together. When you tuck the little ones in, commit to uninterrupted time at least once per week.

Well, summer vacation is officially over for me. I return to my dry erase board and my classroom on Monday. I did a pretty good job with self-care last academic year, but plan to do even better this year.

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