Back To School Resolutions & Tips for Parents/Teachers

I go back to work on Monday, August 27th. Students come back on September 4th. Here are my resolutions for the new school year:

1. I will organize my work bag each night and choose clothes at night to make mornings smoother.

2. I will leave my desk clean each day and organize it before leaving work. This 7th grade teacher has some wonderful tips: for establishing an after-school routine.

3. I will update grades every two weeks and decrease the amount of assignments I collect. The name of the game this year is quality over quantity, more detailed feedback and more real world writing situations.

4. I will stay at least one week ahead in copies. There is NOTHING worse than getting to work and realizing that the department copy machines are broken!!! It throws the entire day off. I can avoid that issue if I stay at least seven days ahead of my handouts.

5. I will limit social lunches to one day per week. I love my co-workers but that 50 minutes could be used to make copies, grade papers and take care of other work business. I’m going to let my coworkers know which day I’ll join them for those social lunches otherwise they come to find me and I love them so much it’s nearly impossible to say no lol!

6. I will organize more of my teaching materials “in the cloud.” That way I can easily e-mail handouts, find lesson plans, it just makes everyone’s life easier.

7. I will write notes to my students by hand to give them kudos, discuss concerns (inappropriate comments, lack of engagement, etc.) & celebrate birthdays. Last year I used a mailbox system where each student had a folder. I think I’m going to do that again this year. The folders were organized into separate file bins for each class and everything was color-coded. It was LOVELY.

8. I will make better snack & beverage choices to avoid the soda/sugar afternoon crash and the taxing vending machines. Oh, and I will take my vitamins every morning and my blood pressure pills to keep my energy up and my heart rate down.

9. I will go scrapbooking every two weeks. No matter the weather. Scrapbooking is a major stress reliever and I love to create. I have a standing date with one of my girlfriends/coworkers and I’m not going to give it up for anything!!!

10. I will bring fresh flowers in to the classroom every week or two for my desk and bring in a plant or two to put near the window. One of my coworkers who I used to share a room with always brought in beautiful flowers that she stored in a vase every two weeks. It was a NICE way to make everyone smile. I have my own classroom this year for the first time in 5 years. It’s going to be a great year!

Here are some great Back to School Links:

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, I wish you a productive and stress-free year!

2 thoughts on “Back To School Resolutions & Tips for Parents/Teachers

  1. Our students start school on August 27–yippee and yikes at the same time, lol! Anyways, I love your idea of fresh flowers. I’m definitely going to try that this year.

    1. Hey Laniza!
      I hope you enjoyed your summer! Be sure to snap some pics of those fresh flowers. I’m going to try to post pics of mine each week. Good luck this year my dear 🙂

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