In two weeks I’m going to color my hair for the first time ever. That’s right, I’ve NEVER colored my hair. So… here are some shots of colored hair I love! The first pic is really the one I’m leaning toward the most (I don’t want my hair to be all one color, I want some brown and gold):

In the pic above, Gabby has the same colors as the lady in the first pic, her hair is just relaxed. She & I are the same complexion so I think this could work!

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel bold enough to pull off this burgundy, but it looks FAB on her and most women that I see that rock this color! For me though it has to be truly burgundy or wine. I can’t do the Ronald McDonald red!

This is my style/color right now. I’ll post pics when it’s dyed next Friday Aug. 24th! I’m a little nervous! I’m very conservative when it comes to my appearance!

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