Color & Natural Hair

In two weeks I’m going to color my hair for the first time ever. That’s right, I’ve NEVER colored my hair. So… here are some shots of colored hair I love! The first pic is really the one I’m leaning toward the most (I don’t want my hair to be all one color, I want some brown and gold):

In the pic above, Gabby has the same colors as the lady in the first pic, her hair is just relaxed. She & I are the same complexion so I think this could work!

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel bold enough to pull off this burgundy, but it looks FAB on her and most women that I see that rock this color! For me though it has to be truly burgundy or wine. I can’t do the Ronald McDonald red!

This is my style/color right now. I’ll post pics when it’s dyed next Friday Aug. 24th! I’m a little nervous! I’m very conservative when it comes to my appearance!

6 thoughts on “Color & Natural Hair

  1. totally excited about this BSF and can’t wait to see!! I have been wanting to color my hair (haven’t done it since 2002, that was the first and only time) but I want to take the plunge. You are inspiring me to be brave and reconsider 🙂

  2. I swear we share a brain! I am about to color my hair this weekend. I used to dye it often and stopped about 5 years ago so this will be my first color (besides henna) in 5 years. My color of choice has always been red, so I’m doing an auburn shade :). One tip to remember is to DEEP CONDITION often to protect the hair from zapped moisture.

    1. That would be cute! I just found this pic of Kelis in auburn and its cute. My sister in law was telling me that she thinks I should do a dark brown with copper highlights. Thanks for the deep conditioning tip. Will definitely do that.

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