Let Me Introduce You To Two Amazing Artists!!!

This is not a music blog, but sometimes I come across music that moves my soul and I can’t help but share. Today, Tuesday, August 7, 2012 is a wonderful day. TWO divas are releasing full albums that you must buy!!!! These women have incredible voices, inspiring and touching lyrics and they’re both beautiful.

I discovered Lianne La Havas thanks to my dear husband who played a song called “Night School” for me. I’ve been stalking the internet to find more music by her and out of nowhere her album Is Your Love Big Enough pops up next to the album I was looking for on I-tunes. It was released in the UK on July 6th (my boo’s birthday) and is probably just now seeing a US release. If you like Adele, you will LOVE her! Her lyrics are incredible:

I’ve loved Elle Varner every since I heard her jamming “Can I get a re-fill?” Her music is fun and like Lianne, she has a great voice with superior range. Her full album Perfectly Imperfect dropped today and it’s only $7.99! Seriously?!

Thank me later and go buy both albums now!!!!!

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  1. Rachelle Law says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. You deal with the heart at its core. Thanks for introducing me to Lianne La Havas.

    1. Hey Ms. Rachelle! I am so happy that you read my blog and I’m glad you enjoy it. Lianne is incredible 🙂

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