Project Life Update

While moving into my house, I got really, really behind on Project Life Scrapbook Project.

Rather than try to remember everything, I did a bulk update for Weeks 21 – 27 and put everything in that I had collected and photos I’d taken.

The pic above is the first page of the Weeks 21 – 27 Series…

I did have to get more albums because my one We R Memory Keepers 12 x 12 was literally bursting open. So now I’ve broken it down to where I have January – March, and I’m finishing up March – July now and will be moving on to a third binder and will most likely need one more to round out the year.

Moving Forward/Suggestions for Improvement

– I’ve decided to start using a new photo printing company. While I love the convenience of my Walgreens pics, I noticed the difference in quality when I ordered my prints from a professional photo lab. From this point forward I will be ordering my pics from Persnickety Prints: When I ordered from them my prints came pretty fast (in less than one week) and the quality was wonderful. I prefer the matte over the glossy pics. 4 x 6 is only 29 cents per print and although it’s about 10 cents more than I pay at Walgreens, the quality can’t be beat!!! They have a variety of print sizes and photo gifts available.

– Due to my switch in printer, I now have to keep folders on my computer desktop with the weeks labeled that way I won’t get them mixed up. Then, once the prints come, it will be relatively easy to see which prints go with which week.

– I’m using a notebook that has a checklist for each of the weeks that way I can keep track of what I’ve done and what needs to be done. The dates are also already printed in the notebook so that I can copy from the notebook directly onto the layout. This same notebook is being used to jot down details from the week so that I can incorporate the quotes, reflections, etc. into my Project Life… I’ve devoted one page to each week and I can just write down the details there.

– Finally, on my desk I’ve added file folders where I can put my receipts, clippings, and other bits of life to be included in the album. I don’t want to get my Project Life stuff mixed up with other memorabilia since Project Life is the thing I work on the most and everything is time-sensitive.

Project Life is valuable. I enjoy capturing the details of everyday. I am also creating many more layouts than I have in the past which is exciting.

Project Life is a simple approach to capturing everyday life created by Becky Higgins who you can find here:

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