Chief Keef Is The Bomb

Guest Post by Che “Rhymefest” Smith

Caption: Che “Rhymefest” Smith on his iron horse

Chief Keef is a “Bomb”,  he represents the senseless savagery that white people see when the news speaks of Chicago violence. A Bomb has no responsibility or blame, it does what it was created to do; DESTROY! Notice, no one is talking about the real culprits, the Bomb maker or the pilot who is deploying this deadly force (Labels, Radio Stations). Its easier to blame the bomb. Bombs are not chosen for their individual talents, they are tools used for collateral damage.

To think of the persona of Chief Keef as a person would be the first mistake, he will more then likely come and go without us knowing much of anything about his personal pains, struggles, great loves and ambitions beyond rap. He is a spokesman for the Prison Industrial Complex. Every corporation is expected to grow at least 4% each quarter, many prisons are privately owned with stock being traded on the open market. If these corporations were to do commercials, jingles and promotions who would they hire? You got it, most of the main stream rappers we salivate over  like Rick Ross the former correctional officer turned Drug Lord Boss rapper. Waka Flocka Flame gang bang “GO HARD IN THE PAINT”  and Chief Keef the newest lottery pick in the “Get paid to destroy young minds, like we destroyed yours” Sweepstakes.

Many people will say “Chief Keef is a young black man making money who wouldn’t have had any other opportunity, why isn’t this a good thing?”. Which brings us back to the question, who is bank rolling this operation and why? This could only be described as an opportunity for this young man if he was recieving artist development, responsible mentorship and counseling for his obvious trauma. By the way, Major Record labels always put million dollar life insurance policies on artist of this nature so that they get paid one way or the other.  My suggestion to the rest of us who would love to see the mushroom cloud from this explosion, BE CAUTIOUS! The affects from this type of Bomb can last for centuries. Lets stop giving our intellectual power resources and admiration to destructive forces while ignoring and starving out the good that is being done,sung and rapped about by artist like Killer Mike, Lupe Fiasco, RhymeFest, Dead Prez, Brother ALI, Maimouna Yusef, Invincible, Jean Grey, Mikkey Halsted etc.

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  1. This was an interesting take on it and I definitely agree. Why is it that we have to be proud of someone just because he’s not on the streets committing crimes, when he is helping to destroy young minds and is not respecting an art form. I would rather for to be on the streets committing crimes because by giving him a voice to negatively affect the minds of the youth he is creating more possible future criminals than just him. What is going to happing to all the youth who thinks it is cool to get high and drink at an early age? What is going to happen to all the youth who thinks it is cool to put tattoos on their face and neck when they grow up and try to get a job or career? We should not be supporting people unless they are doing something positive and half ass rapping about guns, drugs, and degrading women is not positive. We don’t support painters who are half ass painters or doctors who barely know how to give shots, so why do we support these frauds just because they are not in the streets. Support them with a tutor or a scholarship, not with a recording contract.

    1. This is some gay ass shyt you said famo. He is not destroying young minds!! WTF!! When he was just in his lil room making beats on FL Studio poor as fuck, was his mane in your mouth? No. They took their cheese and came out with them videos and the kids liked it and he blew up. End of story. Kids drink and get high on their own. Most of em see their parents or loved ones and they emulate that, or not. Drugs and Guns been rapped about for years before dude was conceived. KRS 9MM, My Uzi weighs a ton, The Chronic. GTFOH. We are criminalized from birth as Black men because of white guilt. The courts label you that officially once you run afoul of their law so they can get paid. Its a system setup to keep us behind, and Chief Keef aint no major player in it Jo. LOWEND BYTCH!!!

      1. I agree with Malik Ali 100%. Rap been negative. I remember people buying BDP’s Criminal Minded on tape because KRS was pictured “holding a pistol, something far from a lover.” folks thought that shit was hard and got into the music after, so cheif keef holding guns in his videos is no different than KRS or NWA. Like my man said, dude makes music for the kids & the kids blew it up. and he smokes weed, but weed smokers will tell you weed aint never killed anyone like cigarettes or alcohol so we good on that end. So yeah, blame the streets of Chicago for Chief Keef, no one else

      2. Brother,

        Even if your premise was valid, they way you choose to express it makes inaccessible to anyone with any self respect. In HIP HOP no subject is or should be off limits. In rap, there is only one subject-negativity. So let’s broach the topic you mentioned; Violence and Guns have been in Hip Hop for years…

        KRS-1 did make a song called 9MM, that album also had two singles called “Poetry” and “Elementary”. If all you got from the album “Criminal Minded” was 9MM that is exactly the mentality in which you approached the album.

        I wouldn’t even discuss My Uzi weighs a ton if you think the song is about a gun.

        The Chronic was a seminal album that was mostly diss songs and young men at play. Full of ignorance and misogny and at sometimes violence. Even it had a song called “Little Ghetto Boy”.

        None of the artist or albums you mentioned or could mention pre-1999 were made purely for the glorification of genocide. Not one! As each of the artist you mentioned have grown (something Keef will not be able to do because of the reasons mentioned above) their messages have grown.

        As far as Chief Keef selling and that’s that…unfortunately, that’s not just that. What was the cost of his blowing up? When you understand this, then you will know the difference between Hip Hop and rap.

        Spread peace

      3. You ain’t a lucky fool
        That got signed for saying how you spraying a bucking a tool
        It designed for portraying such to the youth

        You better wiise up

      4. Malik, judging by your comment, you obviously don’t have enough intelligence to understand Rhymefest’s point.You haven’t researched how culture and behavior can be manipulated through media and entertainment (World War II). Any rebuttal would go over your head as you are a victim of what Rhymefest is talking about.

  2. As a man/woman thinketh so is s/he. Words are powerful, they shape ideas, Rhymefest forces us to be honest about the rap game. There are no overnight successes. Certain artists are chosen, promoted and pushed onto the public, Karl Marx wrote about the media’s ability to cause people to have ideas they think are their own, like being a fan of Chief Keef or Rozay. Self destructive ideas are being marketed to a community already on its knees, what are we doing about it?

    1. The most important thing we can do is stop being silent. The majority of us that are intelligent and reasonable love to not make waves, so we let the wrong people create the waves in the direction that benefits them. Silence allows ignorance to be loud.

  3. I completely disagree. It is irresponsible to place the blame of the Chicago violence on any rapper, or any record label or company. I know thats not what you are doing, but you are somewhat taking the responsibility off of these individuals who for different reasons commit acts of violence. Im in the Hood, and every fool out here doing dumb shyt aint no young kid, or listening to none of the people you mentioned. Very few. Each of these incidents have a different reason, different circumstances and roots. As a person who was incarcerated for longer than I would choose to discuss, I did a violent act towards some people in retaliation for some shyt that happened to me personally. I didnt have any justification for it besides what happened. I wasnt high. I didnt listen to any music, I just Blasted on who did me dirt. If you do dirt out here, which is what a lot of Marks do out here in Chicago, you got shyt coming back on you. It seems like Keef is the whipping post for a lotta people because he has all these issues and he is an easy target. Go after Rahm Emanuel. Why can we go up North and see that in the communities where they have the least need for City or State help with Public Schools or Parks or any of that shyt, their schools are like Colleges and the Schools and Parks in the Hood where the kids need the help are messed up and worn down, if not torn down. The whole fucking system corrupt and It aint no one kid or even the whole Hip hop and record labels combined fault. Its the system itself. Now If you on banging on the system, you don’t need to use Chief keef as no example. Use Obama, or Rahm or the Commisioner or even the Alderman. Oh, I forgot. You aspire to be all them shyts. Fam Burn all that shyt. You sacrifice the credentials to get down on the Hood when you fighting hard to get in bed with them Devils. You aint trying to be no alderman for free. You wasn’t gonna take that spot without pay, and you spent loot to campaign. So you trying to get bread. Why shortie can’t get none. You had songs with similar content as his too. You got shyt with Old Dirty about weed and sex and the same shyt. He died of an over dose. LOWEND BYTCH!!!! MALIK ALI!!!

    1. Malik Ali, thanks for your comment and personal testimony. While I will totally agree that Rap music didn’t create the conditions that plague our communities I would be ignoring reality, scientific research and history to let it be said that music has no affect on the human mind body and spirit. Marketing plays a huge role in conditioning a culture on how to think. We didn’t go from Public Enemy to Chief Keef because there’s more crack on the streets now then in the 80’s. As an artist who’s had major label deals and been in marketing meetings where people who don’t look like you or I say things like “you gotta give niggaz what they wanna hear” before they drop a million dollars on promotion I can tell you the BOOGIE MAN does Exist. THE HOOD
      As far as “The Hood” is concerned, we both are from the hood and still knee deep in it, I’ve never understood the need of one Black Man to Boast to the other his HOODLINESS as if we don’t both share similar experiences, struggles and culture. You have a criminal record as do I, and you are correct that neither of us can blame a particular rap song or artist for our actions however, how were raised, where we were raised and who we were raised by dictated much of what we listened to, ate, and learned. Our communities issues are holistic ones. But if we refuse to tackle them individually then we’ll never solve any of them.
      I wish you would’ve followed my campaign or have come to volunteer during that transformative period of peace and hope we created in one of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago – Washington Park, which by the way I chose to live in. If you had followed the campaign you would’ve known that I offered to give much of the Aldermanic Salary back to the community in the form of microloans for young brothers and sisters to start businesses particularly those with a criminal record. To be honest with you my family went in debt in order to support true community values in our campaign. Your view of politicians is one that I’ve heard over and over again by a lot of people in our community but if you believe that all cops are bad, maybe you should be the good one. If you believe that all politicians are devils then perhaps you should be the change. I chose to represent the change instead of complaining about it. Also, you mentioned the contrast between the North and South Side as far as the parks and schools. The North Side residents are much more involved politically, socially and economically and you can literally see (as you’ve acknowledged) the difference. Now the question is, what can you and I do together?

      1. Peace. No Disrespect Fam. I had to gone and pull you up though. You are right. I don’t have to represent any Hoodliness. I din’t know about you giving back. You get props for that. I don’t share the mindset that we are going to make a lasting change by getting in Government though. All that is is controlling the peoples money, that they are being taxed unconstitutionally for and distributing it how we see fit. The whole shyt is fucked up from the beginning and its set up to keep moors down. I’ma leave that there. So I also don’t believe that the people in those communities are any more involved than the ones in our poorer black communities. The shyt just from the jump has been set up to keep us down. I am thankful that I have an effective education and continue to pursue learning daily, so I don’t fall victim to all the Devils schemes like I used to.I am resolute about who our enemy is, and I don’t hold out any hope that he is going to be any different towards us than he has been in over six thousand years, tomorrow as opposed to today. I can’t Predict the future, but I can doubt that he will because of its past history. As far as the BOOGIE Man is concerned, to me its the same devil thats gonna give you a job anywhere. Its the same Satan, whether he gives you a corporate job downtown to kiss his ass, or if he gives you a Mc Donalds job, or if he lock you up, or if he kiss your ass and have his bytch suck your dyck, its the same bytch fam. So to me to single out this little kid and say oh Chief Keef is waaaay out. he is no different than any of them shorties walking up and down Cottage. He is self made. he got on his grizzly and came up. His influence on the kids is no worse than all the other bullshyt out here. Aint no articles in the Chi prominently being written about Basketball wives, or The Game or whatever other bullshyt that negroes watch and talk about. All that shyt makes bread and is detrimental as hell. No campaign aint being waged against all these perm companies and chemical manufacturers that peddle sodium hydroxide to our women so they can have straight hair like whites and develop fibroid tumors etc. No war waged against the clothing manufacturers who use harsh chemical dyes that cause cancer. What about these soft drink companies that feed our kids junk, and the corner stores who peddle cheap snacks, hog and booze. Plus blunts and whatever else, plastic bags to bag work up in, etc. Screens for crack pipes. All type shyt. As a dude who hasn’t had a major label deal. I dont need one, I am cool doing my thing in the crilla. I volunteer in my hood. I try and help always. I feel like Chief Keef is a kid and he should be commended on finishing up his house arrest, and Jo, gone out there and make us proud off the Low. Lets pray he makes good decisions, and if you in them circles, get in his ear and mfer help him to make the good decisions. Times up for that slick dissing and slick hating. Man Up and take that step forward like on Life. Even Bernie Mac stepped out and said, “I’m tha pappy”!! Lol. Be the pappy foreal out here to these lil guys. Be the dude they look up to who aint scary, who aint on no trying to be no goon, or nothing, etc. I already know you are, but you missed the mark on this one Jo. Peace G.

      2. Does the media influence society or does society influence the media? Rappers want to sell records they want to be successful in order to do this they rap about things people will listen to. It’s sad to say that many youth want to listen to this type of music not because they are violent beings but because the music relates to what they see in their communities& what nay occur within their household

    2. Malik I used to feel the way you felt when i was a bit younger when the adults of my time were saying the same thing. It took 4 me to actually get mature and take a better look at the world from another/many perspectives. The brain is a very strong yet sensitive muscle that retains and distorts information at its leisure.depending on the input will depend on the outcome. we as humans like to find different ways of escape and music has always been a great way to do just that. my point is a young untrained mind lives in the music, not just listen to it, so in a world where life imitates art & art imitates life, music can paint a colorful picture to the holder of the brush, if they dont know how to properly overlay the colors the canvas can become a messy place.

    3. Bottom Line: If you want to know about a people’s culture, listen to their music. What does “our” Music say about “us?” Notice the quotations. The points being argued are around whether it is “our” music, and whether it reflects “us.” Clearly then, we need to figure out who “us,” and “our,” is. Finally, the question becomes: does Keef help us answer these questions about who we are and what is important to “us”–and are we satisfied with Keef’s (and other artists with mainstream ambitions) answer. Then, think: why is HIS answer to the above questions (and consistently those like it) gaining such popularity… Is it what “we” want or what “us” have been taught to want…? Figure it for your self, but know there is a right and wrong that is independent of your individual figuring. Church.

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  5. It’s an unfortunate reality that money drives artists, drives the industry, as well as every other area of life, where people divert from spreading a positive message or doing the right thing in the name of the all mighty dollar. I don’t know what the answer is but I enjoyed reading such an articulate, insightful piece, that wasn’t just a rant against the changes in rap and the affects of them, but a piece of literature. Truth be told, most of the artists who damage the youth with their message aren’t going to change their “tune” anytime soon- but the ones who do realize the missteps like you Rhymefest, need to do all they can to make people realize that hip-hop still is, and always will be, a positive art form.

  6. MALIK ALI – I think you have some very interesting points to say the least. You defiantly are on point when it comes to the lack of resources in our communities. What I would suggest though, is to step back and look at the whole picture. Think about what has a direct impact on your life. For young people (and most American’s in general) it is celebrity that has more of a direct impact on your life. If you were to poll young people in your community to have someone speak at their graduation, and you listed rappers vs. politicians. Who do you think would win? Thus the need for this article. Rymfest, made it a point to start off the article by saying you can’t blame the bomb. He is 100% right in my opinion. Don’t be fooled, you have to make a change from the inside, to actually make some noise! Thus him seeking to be an alderman. Very upset he lost, and wished I could have voted for him. Reality is though, his music is destructive, and if it’s all about the money, and him getting bread. Then the battle is already lost!

    1. I’m just saying. Maybe i’m wrong but look. Chief Keef is a victim of the bullshyt as well. His whole thing is messed up from the jump. His Grandma taking care of him and he been getting in trouble outside of him rapping. Shorty been hot waay before he got signed, because he did what he set out to do, which was make music that his peers like. That is GOOD. I don’t even care for the shyt myself as far as my taste goes, but if he can get out of his situation and help his granny and them and have a better life, i’m happy. All Praise is due to Allah. I was 16 years old before too and I remember. My raps were about robbing people using ATM’s they were called cash stations back then. Now I wouldn’t dream of writing anything like that, and doing it doesn’t cross my mind. It just seem like we always gotta hate out in the open on our own and all that. Cats can go and cuff dude to the side, and give him a business card. tell him about some good investments. Direct him towards some good Lawyers and whatnot. Maybe he would listen or not. Thats how other ethnicities do it. Holla at so and so on this real estate lick. Get your business degree shorty. Hook up with Magic and them. u in there Jo. Chi City Baby!! Thumbs up!! That type shyt. to me if you aint reporting the out come of that type of convo and how it went sour, as opposed to some outright dissing and whatnot. C’mon. Dont holler no Hood shyt, or no Man shyt neither, because as a man, I’ma holler before I go on the net and Blast on you. Or even say your name fam. Peace.

      1. This will end all………..I think Fest is alluding to a practice that was used in the 70 and 80’s …it was called COINTELPRO….How the FBI funded terrorism groups or revolutions just for there gain…….Keef aint rappin bout shit productive point blank…..yea he a kid from the hood and blah,blah,blah….when the excuses gonna stop……i spit and parents were addicts, my brother in prison, but as a people we cant let that stop us from wanting more….Yea he 16……but why not expect more from this days generation…they have had more opportunity and any other generation……I agree that he shouldn’t be singled out……throw waka…gucci….jeezy…two chains…..low keys they coons…rapping about coon as shit….what they perceive as being real niggas, ( havin money, drugs, cars). All the shit they rap about damn near get yo ass sent to prison……low key rumor has it prisons were funding record companies…i wouldn’t be surprised…. Just please start asking more from artists and stop being simple minded….it has to change one day…..

      2. I like both arguments and respect them both, but as a black man being raised in Illinois like yall (East Saint Louis to be exact) all kids shouldn’t think that they need to rap in order to “make it in life.” We gotta put those words like “grind” to the side and see the big picture for our youth bc the violent music that we glorify is an early picture for them to see and say its cool to rob or kill someone. No its not all kids but for the immature ones who cannot distinguish between reality and rap, someone is just going to get hurt at the end. Kids should not have to worry about jail and catching a charge, but instead grow up and live a good life for themselves. I don’t have a record but I know that ESL and Chicago are full of stray bullets with no names on them and that’s enough to think about while growing up in the hood besides getting locked up. I know Keef is trying to get money up but if you are going to rap and say you are going to kill our kids is extreme and should be addressed. Keef and anyone else coming up young with a rap career has a chance to really spit some knowledge and show how intelligent they really are. Back in the day, it was tough to get on in the rap industry but now all you need is a beat with some knock in the trunk and the Internet and you are on. Kanye and co jumped on the beat no matter what else was said beside the hook I Don’t Like. ESL has a failing school system, numerous clubs and shake joints, and vacant homes made into crack houses, so if we add lyrics that destroy our minds, then what will we have left? Rap is a way out, a vision of how we live and should live but we don’t use it right. Think about people that go on licks and DO listen to to music like Keef or someone similar to get amped, yeah people do it and we don’t say anything to our homies. And for the comment about Keef having his granny around while getting in trouble, that does not mean its cool to try and give your granny a heart attack bc she cant afford a lawyer, not all kids have that convenience of a mentor in the house.

  7. This blog is 100% truth. Chief Keef is not an artist, not a musician, and not someone a label should be promoting as such. He is pure negativity and regression.

  8. Damn, you went it, lol. I agree, nothing really to add but I’m gonna link this blog to as many people as I can, its sad how many people dont stop to think about things like this even though it should be obvious to anyone paying attention

    1. Im def wit u on dat 813. Its much that I cud say, jus wat dey said jus n a dif way. Im lovin that we can do this on the web like dis. Which in the scheme of things is anotha vry imprt issue concernin our youth. Im out aftr dis…EACH ONE REACH ONE -THER U HAV IT….SOMTHN POSITIVE HAS BEEN DONE (smile)

  9. I’ve only heard one Rhymefest verse in my whole life and it was wack. Never checked for him again. Always see his name pop up on, but eh.
    Then I read this piece.
    Truer words were never spoke. Checking for the homies catalog now. @rhymefest salute.

  10. :::same old song::: “conscious” rappers with no fan base attacking street rappers who have real organic following… lame and desperate attention-seeking fueled by resentment+jealousy… i can hear the inner dialogue now: “why dont they like me??? why do they like him??? im so smart.. i went to college… wahhh”

  11. Hard to take what you have to say seriously when at the end you tell us what we should be listening to instead. Its obvious enough you have a bias view considering your a musician yourself.

    Chief, just like any other musician, has every right to artistically express their own reality. Whether or not you agree with the words he chooses to stand by are not up for discussion when it is expressed through music. Violence exists in Chicago. Drugs exist in Chicago. Whether or not there is an effort to stop these things, the fact remains they exist. Chief is a human being, surrounded by his environment. How he chooses to comment on his environment, whether amongst family or friends or to the world in form of song are a right given to him by the 1st amendment.

    To say that somehow his music alone influences or raises the crime rate is ludicrous.

  12. It’s not Chief Keef’s fault that he’s buzzing, but it is disturbing that he’s buzzing. Considering what he’s rapping about(nothing, violence, drugs, and misogny) it’s alarming that kids are turning this up and “relating to it.” The artist is only as powerful as the consumers’ dollars make him. The artists will change when the consumers change. When artists like Killer Mike, Lupe Fiasco, RhymeFest, Dead Prez, Brother ALI, Maimouna Yusef, Invincible, Jean Grey, Mikkey Halsted etc as fest mentioned start doing drake type numbers you’ll see more young kids aspiring to rap like that. Unfortunately, not just in the hood but in america in general mass ignorance is always celebrated before mass intelligence. Look at the stats coming out of the public schools the numbers are on the decline. Each generation is progressively dumber than the next. What Chief Keef and mainstream rap as a whole sadly represents is a decreasing market for thought-provoking music and thinking in general. America today doesn’t want to think. Do you think the kids today would give illmatic the time of day if Nas was a 19 yr old in 2012? There’s no pride or value in education for a lot of kids today so there’s no interest or celebration for lyricism and talent. Give’em a beat an some simple rhymes any age group can recite an you’ve got a hit. Chief Keef is a microcosm of what the future generations hold. I totally disagree with malik ali, I can’t stand the mentality “Hey, young’n taking care of his family an getting out the hood so show love for that.” Yeah, he’s taking care of his family at the expense of how many others’ family? You can’t complain about politicians “taking care of their family through capitalism on one hand and give chief keef a pass for doing the same thing on the other.” It’s the same shit. Do I think chief keef is as deliberate in his actions as politicians? No. There’s nothing sophisticated or deep about chief keef(could i be wrong sure, but I only have what he has presented himself to be to go off of). Chief Keef is regurgitating what he hears 24/7 already successful rappers saying, he’s just simply turning up the ignorant on the caricature. Thanks for the post Fest!

    1. Food for thought……Inspiration is in seeing a part of the whole with the part of the whole in you….-Kahlil Gibran
      Lets digest that….

  13. Rhymefest my name is Malki Means King I am a fellow artist and I agree with what you are saying 100%. Keep it up. I always be telling my girl how I don’t agree with artists like Cheef Keif, Waka Flocka or anyone promoting a violent message to kids that don’t know any better than to follow what these guys are saying. And it makes sense why they are funding the careers of these artists It is sad to me, and I For one stand against violence in Hip Hop. I got into music after the murder of a friend, I felt like I needed a way to speak out against violence, and Hip Hop Gave me that voice. It is sad when hip hop is used in a way that influences people to actually commit more violence and ruin our communities further. I got some songs on the subject man I would love to collab with you check me out I am for real, search me on youtube “Malki Means King – Change My Life” “BMG 4 Life” Or any other video I did with a positive message. Keep It up. Check out my website I promise im the truth or hit me on twitter @malkimeansking i really respect what you doing, and people like you give me hope to continue on my own path…

    Malki Means King

  14. Chief Keef is nothing more than a cog in a machine that has been spinning for years. If your gonna diss him diss him for being a horrible and I do mean hooooooooorrible rapper but dont say he is the problem he’s just another in a long line of puppets

    1. you didnt read the article i never said he alone was the problem. please read! I said the same thing you did fam

      1. Oh I read the article brotha but see im from the school where we dont let them check us we check ourselves. You are an MC and have proven that yet you still have not received the recognition due to you. This kid Chief Keef is a disgrace to the art form and its high time cats like him ,Waka flocka (didnt fozzy bear from the muppets says wokka wokka wokka?) and Souljah Boy get the gas face from our ENTIRE community for selling garbage. They sold their soul and allowed themselves to be “bombs”. The machine is always gonna be the machine but WE fuel the machine because WE are entertainment and WE set the trends…….

  15. Also Rhymefest my question to you is how do you feel about Kanye West co signing this young brotha when you and I both know that he knows better?

  16. 100 percent co sign ..I was saying the same thing to my friend on a phone call the other day… I have no problem liking somebody from My city whose nice.. anyway “Keef” doesnt even sound like he’s from the Chi it leans more to The south. (Not saying all south rappers sound the same I.e (andre 3000, David banner, Jay Electronica) to name a few. But the point is These labels just see a paycheck and don’t care about anything else…Fest you said everything it was to say on the topic and well described if they cant understand , they probably never get it!!

  17. Anybody defending this detremental nonsense of music is a fucking rappers preach Genocide and promote and sell a image of blacks that make us appear to be nothing more than ignorant thug fools with no level of morality or self respect. Not all rappers but enough of them. Even the infamous Hitler said give me the MUSIC OF A GENERATION AND I CAN CONTROL THEM. waka flokka chief keef and every other ignorant rapper will be judged for the evil that they sow into the minds of these kids. No there not the only reason for socities issues of children with deviant behavior but they are partially the reason along with a bunch of other elements.

  18. Thank you rhymfest. The misrepresentation of black people in america is going to continue if we keep supporting music glorifying poverty and oppression.

  19. the media is the mainstream they obviously control what people see and hear so how can we stop it ,dont let these bombs explode on are own kids in this new genaration , dont allow our kids to glue their eyes to their tv sets everyday for countless hours, we need to be for more productive isolate them in a enviroment of fun sports exersising and learning. what promotes this nothing that i’ve seen it seems that modenrn day cartoons are like adult sit-coms so sick and of course children have no idea what they are watching . But yeah i totally agree with rhymefest 100% Chief keef has no positive that i’ve geard from his music

  20. not every rapper is supposed to preach peace, we all have different tastes and there is music for everyone. Wiz Khalifa is not rapping about killing and he is a successful artist, and so is Kanye. the fact that record labels are using artists to make money, is something that we have known for a while and it is up to the artists management/agents/team to give them the best deal possible, other than that there is not much else we can do accept educate ourselves on the ways of the world. the sad truth is that if this kid didnt have a rec deal he was probably going to amount to nothing, so its good that he got a record deal and is putting out music and with time his music will mature, he will learn, and he will be able to inspire many with his actions (think Jay-Z, Ice Cube).

  21. Rhymefest reputation in the streets is wack and Yo. Madd peeps in the Chi said take your ass back to Indiana jo!! you shytted on your DJ, your first Dj Ram and didnt let him do your weak mixtape. You are shytting on Kanye by trying to diss Keef. Plus your ass weak from the jump anyway trying to diss my nygga juice and the Molemen. Good luck on sucking media dyck and trying to get your name back out there on the shorties expense. Lame. LOWEND BYTCH!!

  22. At the end of the day facts are facts. It is a FACT that children in Chicago think its cool to carry around 30 round clips and if Chief Keef is the voice of the youth and they are giving him a national platform many children in various parts of the country will decide they too need to get a bigger clip. I agree that it’s been that way but there is always a way to escalate anything. FACT: Dr. Dre’s Chronic album turned many teens on to weed even though it was already around and they knew about it that record made sales skyrocket. Jay-Z made Vodka more popular via Belvedere after Cognac was the hood liquor of choice. Where do most people hear of the new drugs of choice? (Molly, Xctacy, syrup, Xanax, ect.) Kanye raps about his chick gone off that Molly on Mercy but nobody’s saying he’s destroying minds. I know many people in Chicago that don’t know what Molly is but after hearing a few rappers co-sign it next it will be in there face and there like oh yeah this the shit my nigga Yeezy was talking about time to try it. I get the point Fest is making but he hit in on the head when he say’s “Who’s bank rolling this and why?” there is your problem and Chief Keef is your fall guy but can you blame HIM?

    1. Why Use Keef name though? At the end of the day, its some soft ass shyt fam. We in Chi, you can go holler at dude personally. If you feel like Interscope or any record company is on bullshyt, you can campaign against that shyt like you did for Alderman famo. Dropping shorty name is some old bullshyt. If you on some Fred Hampton shyt, or some Huey Newton shyt, pick up the gun. Straight up. Panthers have a book called pick up the gun, jo. As far as what this dude is talking about on here aint on shyt. If you aint bombing on everyone about the same shyt, then you are just name dropping and hating too.You can’t name one rapper who doesn’t say or hasn’t said similar shyt or worse than Chief Keef. Even Common. Common got a song right now out about a dude got on some goofyness and he bust his shyt. I’m down here on the Lowend trying to Ball and get over, Fest focused on dogs and Yoga. He wouldn’t dare roll up on none of the shorties and say shyt outta pocket. So don’t say shyt on the Internet fam. Go back to the Woods, we got this. Lowend State to the Lake!! Also, to the other dude, uze a gump. I’m college educated duck. Soon to be more educated because i’m going back to learn more shyt to help my hood and be a force to be recognized, respected and overstood. My family includes educators, administrators of universities, doctors, etc. Get your shyt on like any where near some millions and shyt, and see what it feel like first, before you shyt on a shorty for doing him and winning at it. U already lost, like G money said, 2 times!!! Lol.

  23. Not you Tonie Sconie, your point make sense. Except for the fact that shorties need 30 out here in they clip Jo. I need 50 my damn self and I aint even on shyt. People just get on dum dum and you have to protect yourself at that age sometimes. I lived through it. Even now and i’m damn near 40, nyggaz older than me out here foolish, gangbanging, fighting, shooting etc. Only difference is they ass is broke, and shorty Keef aint. So with that being said they name aint being called out. Aint noone saying oh, Jo Jo off 27th on dum dum. You know why? Noone knows who that is, and noone is interested in anyone beefing with him. Nah, you wanna hear about someone beefing with known cats or whatever. So a littler known cat right now pick a beef with a lil shorty cause shorty hot right now. Thats all. Simple as that. Aint no difference between Keef Bang Bang, and ODB, gimmie my fucking shyt, click pow!! Nothing. Peace. Brooklyn Zoo about nyggaz getting shot, spraying nyggaz, etc.Shame on a Nygga?!! Same shyt, worse maybe…lol.

    1. Malik Ali is your name….Peace. I’m new to this blog so I’m not going to go over the same topic over and over again. I’m NOT from the Chi, I AM from Brooklyn. Bedford – Stuyvesant to be exact (Bed-stuy do or die) as we are known in Brooklyn. Any who…I wanted to let you know that “Brooklyn Zoo” is NOT just about “N—-Z getting shot, spraying N—-Z”, it’s also about general SHIT that goes on in ALL “Hoods”. Brooklyn Zoo was the name chosen for the song…Why? Because he was from Brooklyn, and secondly Brooklyn rings bells in NY. You can be from Harlem, the Bronx, Queens ,or Staten Island, and when you step in BK, you KNOW you gotta walk the walk or pass. The weak hearted can’t tread through Brooklyn. That’s the “GIST” of the song. As we say “My bourough , thourough!” Now, I’m a female, TRUE RAP MUSIC LOVER and I’m pushing 37…I grew up here in NY listening to everything from Whodini, Kool Moe Dee, M.C. Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim,Africa Bambaataa /The Soul Sonic Force,EPMD, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew, to De La Soul, Nas, The Roots, Ice Cube,Wu-Tang Clan, and my that’s not even touching the surface….My question is this…”Who you repping?”…. What I mean?….. I mean I’ve been reading everything that has been posting and baby, you are all over the place… You getting @ Rhymefest one minute then the next when he responds back you tell him “Peace,No disrespect Fam”, then in the next rant it’s “Good luck sucking media dyck(?), Lame Lowend Bitch”… then your coming across as a cheerleader for Chief Keef? I mean say whatever you want, I don’t even know these guys BUT it’s just comical to me how your “double-talking”… isn’t that what the “Devils” do?, Isn’t that what people do when they want to cause confusion?, Isn’t that called BIGOTRY? I’m just saying…. I’m not on here to get @ anybody, I’m just trying to be my brother’s keeper..that includes you. I’m a Bi-cultural sistah that loves every positive aspect of our collective (not to say that guns, drugs,misogny, a positive aspect) but stop the bullshit…the game should never be played on one another… it’s already being played on us. We are all still links in that chain….whether you wanna believe it or not. If your a volunteer in your community do the shit RIGHT! NOT half assed…If your gonna go up against someone, go up against those that got you on bended knee, why choose to attack someone that is basically saying the same thing just in a different way. In the end… we are going to continue to see Chief Keefs,Rick Rosses, Drakes, Nicki Minaj”s, Young Jeezy’s,Young Dro’s, and all that bubble gum bullshit, why because half of our community is still in that trance. They will continue because the endorphins released while listening to those beats and subliminal messages keeps them on a
      continual “high”. As far as those above mentioned “artist”?, and those that fall in that category…They forgot the golden rule…..PIMP THE SYSTEM…DON”T GET PIMPED!!! PEACE…….

  24. They say Chicago has more murders so far in the streets than troops killed in Afghanistan. Now if a kid made songs about having weapons in Afghanistan and whatnot, people would have a discussion about the violence and what sparks that child to write such a song. He wouldn’t be condemned for speaking on his circumstances or situation. Why? Because 1, he’s white. A Persian, Afghan, Arab, whatever you want to call it. 2 he’s unknown, nothing to be gained there. Here we in a place with worse shyt than Afghanistan, and a shorty making his tune and whatnot about it. However he says it, and instead of people addressing what the violence is doing, or has done, and how to stop it, etc. We blaming the kid for rapping about it, who living in it. Blaming, not joining Sister Ameenah and Tio on the ground stopping it. I’m done.

    1. Your point isn’t valid for a few reasons. 1. A white kid making “a song” about murders in Afghanistan has nothing to do with a artist openly promoting murder (or knowing the ones who murder those) or threatening some one with murder. 2. Your comment about “addressing the violence” is definitely true, but you fail to address the influences or encourages of the act ie the influence of music ALONG with all the other systems put in place to keep a group of people stagnant 3. For the past 5 years of my young life I have been actively making conscious music or being in my community attempting to address the “violence ” you speak of. Heck I used to work at Father Michael Pfleger’s church as a youth organizer on gun laws.

  25. its easy to look in on us from the outside, our people will speak on and become our experiences. – oyer

  26. This has to be one of the most interesting reads in a while, on the condition Of Hip-Hop, and the problems that plagues us as a people, and humanity as a whole.

    I feel some really good forward thinking will evolve from this discussion.
    Truth be told tho, entertainment and politics are HUGE distraction from the real issues that imprisons us all.

    We talk about the many issues of our communities, but we are not ready to face the wizards behind the iron curtain just yet. We are still trying to “GET DAT PAPER” OR, “Yo I gotta support my family” (the new copout).

    It’s funny to see what some of the biggest names in “Rap” do with that platform…. other than spitting death, they indorse corporate america, and use it for their own financial gain at the expense of our children.

    They sold out one of the most powerful art forms on the planet for a few more dollars. These labels have become “COON UNIVERSITIES”, but it’s not the rapper, they are chosen, it’s the PUPPET MASTERS. Follow the stringz…. they go a lot higher than these rappers and labels.

    1. I don’t get it. How is supporting your family a copout? What the fuck is not real, about supporting your family? It would be different, if shorty started out and was like Chuck D or something, and then he started making some gangster records, but this is him. He is talking about what he does and likes etc. SMH. I can’t understand this shyt. I can’t believe that there are this many haters. Is this what so called conscious rap is now? Haters? So broke and conscious is whats up? What about the physical reality of a hungry stomach? Didn’t the panthers have a breakfast and a lunch program to feed the children? Who says that Keef can’t help any of that type of stuff out. He can with some money. He can’t do shyt broke. He can’t feed himself broke. He can’t get outta his grandma rat apartment off no ideology. GTFOH.

      1. What I meant by the following:

        “We talk about the many issues of our communities, but we are not ready to face the wizards behind the iron curtain just yet. We are still trying to “GET DAT PAPER” OR, “Yo I gotta support my family” (the new copout)”

        Is some people do things for a paycheck, and not for the love of what it is they do for a living, Even if it’s destructive to themselves or others. Then you have those who know the destructiveness of their actions, and care less about how it effects other.

        Those that say they are living positive and moral lives because they “got off the streets”, but are influencing our youth with ignorance, and watching how that same ignorance play out all over the country is delusional.

        You sound like an intelligent dude Malik, just a bit misguided.


  27. I think this is a good article. We should be more critical of the music and lyrics that we listen to. This is acceptable music in our culture. Enough of us have to make it unacceptable to raise the standards of music we are willing to buy.

  28. Okay, I’m not sure if I’m the “other dude” Malik Ali mentioned but being as though he mentioned his educational credentials as a retort to my arguement and no one else has really spoken about education besides myself I”ll assume I’m “other dude.” Let me quote what Mr.Ali addressed me with:

    “Also, to the other dude, uze a gump. I’m college educated duck. Soon to be more educated because i’m going back to learn more shyt to help my hood and be a force to be recognized, respected and overstood. My family includes educators, administrators of universities, doctors, etc. Get your shyt on like any where near some millions and shyt, and see what it feel like first, before you shyt on a shorty for doing him and winning at it. U already lost, like G money said, 2 times!!! Lol.”

    I’ll address this in 2 parts, Part 1:

    “Also, to the other dude, uze a gump. I’m college educated duck. Soon to be more educated because i’m going back to learn more shyt to help my hood and be a force to be recognized, respected and overstood. My family includes educators, administrators of universities, doctors, etc.”

    ^^^What does “uze a gump mean? What’s a college educated duck? What do you mean when you say you’ll be overstood? That’s great that you have accomplished family members. However, if you repeated those two sentences in a job interview with a educator, administrator, or doctor you’d be laughed out the office. If this is how you type I can’t imagine the atrocity that is hearing you speak the english language. The sad thing is you present yourself like this and not only expect, but demand to be taken seriously as an intellectual when clearly your aren’t built to be in the intellectual arena. You have post after post on this site riddled with broken english, ebonics, incomplete thoughts, and down right irrelevant ignorance and you posted it on the world wide web to be a permanent digital example of poor grammar and what a “statistic” types like.

    Next Part 2:

    “Get your shyt on like any where near some millions and shyt, and see what it feel like first, before you shyt on a shorty for doing him and winning at it. U already lost, like G money said, 2 times!!! Lol.”

    First off Wow at you typing this an feeling good about yourself. Next, how do you know my financial status? Listen, not to get too personal but I’m not from the hood. I grew up a upper middle class young brother in a two parent household, I went to specialized schools and was dean list every year. Got academic scholarships to colleges and Now, I have two masters degrees and a Professional title that has me in a very nice place in life, and I’m under 30 yrs old to top it off. I attend and speak at business conventions that the people that write Chief Keef’s checks attend to network with other professionals, trust when I say this is just funny to me. I have every right to as you say “shyt on shorty” because he chose to be a public figure and as a public figure you open yourself up to “public scrutiny.” What is he winning at? If you call being exploited “winning,” I guess he is. If call spending borrowed money “winning,” I guess he is. If you call ending up right back where he started in a few years like numerous rappers have “winning,” I guess he is. See the thing is the people that own the block chief keef raps about, that you brag about, socialize and network with the people that signed keef. Keef is nothing, he’s such a meaningless pawn in this game it isn’t funny. The sad part is he nor you realize that, and your both happily & blindly complicit in it.. And, it’s even worse for you because you celebrate it like it’s something to be. You said your soon to be more educated, please brother continue your educational journey and let go of the street mentality it takes you no where.

    1. Dude, the shyt you are writing is some mark ass elitist bullshyt to me. If you are a Black dude. If you are a white dude, fuck you anyway, because all yall do is live off of our talent and laborernemnt anyway in whatever position that you wind up in. The record companies, labels, media in general, government etc. All that shyt is small if you just compare it to one individual with determination. If a person think long enough and is determined, he can have an affect just as powerful as any media blitz or military action. Just one person. One person, came up with the idea of nuclear weaponry. Other people believed in his vision, supported him, and made it into a reality. Thats is the same thing that happened with Chief Keef, he wanted to make music, he made it, some people believed in him and his dream, and he won. A 16 year old millionaire, right now. In the future, you can hope that he loses his loot and he goes back into a bad situation, blah, blah, blah, hating motherfucker. Right now though, he good. Bam. What the board room think of him, what the people who own the block think. What any mfer who a devil somewhere scheming on putting cats on lock anywhere, or whatever think. Fuck that. If I got that kinda loot, that shyt don’t even come into my mind. I’m gonna have fun, and do me. As far as my street mentality, you can keep your dyck suck mentality fam, I choose my street mentality. I’m a good age with mine kid. You would be lucky to get to live to see my age and do the shyt I have done. I’m straight. I am not one of those who believe in any part of the system. The shyt is set up for Black men to fail anyway, regardless. If the shyt fuck up as to where a brother break through and get straight, i’m glad for him. Thats it. If you a brother, and the shyt fucked around and got soft for a minute and you got on, more power to you. Do your best, feel like how you feel, whatever. Bottom line is, get off dude dyck. He is a kid and he making cheese, he won. He aint on house arrest. He may be able to help his drug addicted moms. He can help his grandma. All that type of shyt is whats up. The bullshyt you mfers are talking don’t mean shyt because the bottom line is you already so far up shaitan ass that you aint seeing shyt clearly. You fucked on both ends, because the devil aint loving your ass and the hood aint either. Goofy mfer.

      1. Well, I’m not a label executive so I personally don’t deal with musical talents. But, you honestly think that major labels live off brothers talent an “laborernemnt?” lol(I put that in quotes because it’s not a word an it made me chuckle but I’m assuming you meant labor, you didn’t have to add the other jumbled letters there buddy). Now, Chief Keef recently signed with interscope, do you think that if keef flops Jimmy Iovine(Owner of interscope) would go broke? Do you that if he sold or dissolved interscope records and left music all together that’d be the end of his wealth? What you fail to realize is how unimportant the rapper is. Jimmy Iovine signs Chief Keef’s all the time and most never blow up. He could construct a Chief Keef and the world would be none the wiser. Now, about his self determination to make it as a rapper that’s not the topic of this thread. The topic was how he’s detrimental to his community an young listeners in general spreading the message he spreads. going off your logic people should respect and applaud Bernie Madoff because he was determined and made great money scamming people(if you don’t know his story google him). Now, you say I’m a hater and “dyck-rider” because I didn’t sing Keef’s praises. I’d say the same thing about a lot of rappers lyrics, I didn’t single Keef out Keef is the topic of Fest’s post so that being the case that’s the theme I went with. Having a opposing opinion isn’t hating, hating is tearing someone down for the sake of doing it. All I said about Keef is his lyrics are about negative subject matter and their not intellectually deep, I said he was being exploited(which isn’t an indictment of Keef), I said he was living on borrowed money because he just ink his deal two weeks ago any money he’s been given is on an advance. The fully expects to recoup every dime when he makes his official release before they pay him a red cent. So, technically “he;s good” but if it’s money he doesn’t really own how good is he really? And, lastly, I said he’s likely to end up right back where he started because a large percentage of rappers do. For every financial success in Hip Hop i.e. Jay-z, 50 cent, Ludacris, Kanye West, you got a 1000 Chingy’s, Ja Rule’s, Lil Scrappy’s, Lil kim’s, Foxy Brown’s, the whole old roster of rocafella not named Jay-z or kanye. That’s not hate, that’s the odds, that’s reality. Do you think a 16 yr old is savvy enough to make the right investments, be mindful of spending, and set savings accounts, annuities, or securities for himself? You said you like 40 or something, whether your educated or not you should have the wisdom to understand that.

    2. As far as going into an office or some shyt like that, and trying to sound like something, or whatever. LOL. Walking all tight and shyt. Changing up my tone and pitch. Fuck that. Been there, done that. I’m doing me, grimy language, street mentality, et, motherfucking cetera. Yeah. This is the internet, and it is wide open for the world to see. See it G. I’m this same dude thats talking to you right here and right now, everywhere I go. I have been in corporate boardrooms, being me, talking ebonics, minus the profanity, even using technical jargon and terms in my same pitch and tone, black as a mfer, gump. I am a decorated Veteran of the Persian Gulf War. I have assisted doctors in surgery, while doing me, and speaking ebonics, and the mfing surgery everytime was a success. I don’t need no props from anyone. I gets my props erryday. I earned em. The shyt you are talking is some gay shyt. You are talking about a cat going somewhere and doing what? Trying to be something that they are not, to get what? Some loot? Thats some old gay shyt, you probably up in offices sucking dyck or some shyt fam. Thats some hollywood shyt. Whatever. i’m not even on no tooting my own horn shyt. We eating tho. Been straight. I wasn’t in no specialized schools, I was in some good ones though, and my freshman year in the one I was in i scored the highest on the TABE test ever. My IQ was higher than anyone, even my Jew teacher. So anyway, you might not believe that, probably because somewhere along the way, someone taught you that dyckriding was gonna get you to the top, it won’t. But dig, Keef 16, and he already there, lol. Talking some Ebonics and shyt. LOL.

      1. Bottomline you talking all this devils and keep a black man done nonsense yet you refuse to make the necessary changes to soar. We have a black man as our nation’s leader do you think he’d be where he is today speaking in the manner you do? For you to say you’ve been there an done that an your like fuck that your doing you. Your acknowledging that you know you don’t belong in the intellectual arena. Your acknowledging that your not even going to try to grow up and learn to interact with all people, your happy just interacting with the hood. And, that’s fine but if that’s the case stay in your lane. You’ve been in corporate boardrooms(defendant in courtrooms lol) great! Your a decorated veteran(enlisted because you don’t have any technical skills) great! You’ve assisted doctors in surgery(told them where the bullet entry point was while laying on a county hospital table) Awesome! You were in some good classes(in chicago which is documented as having one the worse education systems in the country) good job! Your IQ is higher than your jew teacher’s? If he was a teacher in a chicago school that means he couldn’t get hired anywhere else but hey congrats. I don’t believe you because I read what you typed, that’s evidence enough of your IQ level. What’s sad is you proudly defend your ignorance, but still get defensive when someone calls you on it. If you feel the need to go through your accomplishments(real or fabricated) everytime someone says “what you just said is stupid” then deep down you know it’s stupid. Your not proving anything when you say your not being something your not, your doing you. What your saying is your incapable of doing anything else. Read a book, and learn how to debate with valid points. Your response could be summed up with “your gay, your a hater, keef makes money, fuck you + my insecurity about what I’ve really done with my life makes me ramble about some fantasy of the man I wish I was.” Not one valid response to any of the points I made because clearly after two tries over two responses your intellectually incapable of doing so. With that being said, enjoy being “Overstood” as a Force in your Hood and counting Keef’s money for him.

      2. “I have assisted doctors in surgery, while doing me, and speaking ebonics, and the mfing surgery everytime was a success”

        Fucking Hee-la-ree-us!!

        “Yo doc, pass the shank!”

    3. Here’s some conscious stuff to talk about from someone in the streets actually doing something. Notice, Chief Keefs name hasn’t been mentioned here…
      Father Michael Pfleger
      A store M&M at 79th and Marshfield sells loose cigarettes to kids and won’t hire any African-Americans to work there. We WARN them to STOP for a week. Go back last night confront them again, call the Police to file charges because they are breaking 2 laws (selling loose cigarettes & selling to kids) The Police act like we are the problem, write him a citation and then tell us to stay out of his STORE because he doesn’t want us bothering him!!!! REALLY SMH Is this POLICE AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP?

      1. LMFAO! By saying “Notice, Chief Keefs name hasn’t been mentioned here…” Your meaning Chief Keef’s Name. furthermore Chief Keef is the topic of the Blog post so anything not pertaining to him is irrelevant to the conversion that’s been established. 1st problem is why do these kids want to buy cigarettes? Kid’s are impressionable, smoking is generally gotten into because of outside influence. Someone made it seem cool to them which harkens back to keef and others like him who’s definition of swag is smoking and fucking hoes. Next, why would you want african americans working there to sell cigarettes to african american children? Why warn them? If you were smart you’d report them to the county office, the attorney general, or some type of governing official, or use a camera to catch them in the act of selling to minors, petition them to be shutdown. Instead of showing up there like a mob an “warning them to stop.” You aren’t a police officer or a appointed official of any sort so what your doing is a form of harassment. This is what I mean about when I say “street mentality,” stuff like this only happens in black communities because black people don’t know the law or how to properly protect themselves an their children so they get violated due to their ignorance. Long story short, the cops treated you like a problem because you were. Damn man, READ A BOOK!!!

  29. I remember when anything came out of the west it was Gangsta rap. To this day Tupac is known as a gangster rapper and if you listen to the lyrics, street life is not being promoted in any kind of way. A story is being told in a language that is understood by the listener the MC is trying to move.
    Now it’s common practice for artists to speak in 1st person how much money they made by selling dope. We can all agree that you will end up dead, in prison, or hooked on drugs when the streets are your life. If you think that that life is all you will ever have then that is all you will ever see and if given a platform one would think that those who have made it would let all of those still there that they too can make it.
    Robinson Jeffers explained the MC perfectly, “Poets articulate and explore the mystery of daily life in the context of the human struggle for meaning, purpose, and value. The writer’s voice, style, and symbols inform the themes of the work. A great poem is a work of art that affects many generations of readers, changes lives, challenges assumptions, and breaks new ground.
    Robinson Jeffers once said: “Poetry has been regarded as a refuge from life, where dreams may heal the wounds of reality; and as an ornament of life; and as a diversion, mere troubadour amusement; and poetry has been in fact refuge and ornament and diversion, but poetry in its higher condition
    is none of these; not a refuge but an intensification, not an ornament but
    essential, not a diversion but an incitement …”

    1. The artists, bombs, individuals or subjects in question all have value placed on them. There value derives from an interest and that interest inherently seeks them out. What is the root of that interest? Removing their music, words, presence and accessibility only paves way for the next one.

      Everything mentioned in response to this thread deals with SYMPTOMS. It does not deal with the root cause of affliction.

      “I’m not interested in revolution. Revolution consistently revolves into revolts… I am seeking a new evolution.”

      While you give light to your cause, interest and viewpoint …. you simultaneously give added light and awareness to the same idea, concept or ideal of which you are trying to dim or destroy. The points raised by all are both valid and ‘subjective.’ Therefore I refuse to double-dutch in this divide and conquer setup.

      “Educated and elevated are not on in the same.”
      @christianocan @bassieblue

  30. Reblogged this on Maintaining Your World and commented:
    Hip Hop should be analyzed like any other literary work.
    “Poets articulate and explore the mystery of daily life in the context of
    the human struggle for meaning, purpose, and value. The writer’s voice,
    style, and symbols inform the themes of the work. A great poem is a work
    of art that affects many generations of readers, changes lives, challenges
    assumptions, and breaks new ground.”
    Robinson Jeffers once said: “Poetry has been regarded as a refuge from life,
    where dreams may heal the wounds of reality; and as an ornament of life;
    and as a diversion, mere troubadour amusement; and poetry has been in
    fact refuge and ornament and diversion, but poetry in its higher condition
    is none of these; not a refuge but an intensification, not an ornament but
    essential, not a diversion but an incitement …”

  31. ***This is a re-post (I put it in the wrong place). Food for thought….
    “Inspiration is in seeing a part of the whole with the part of the whole in you”…-Kahlil Gibran
    Let us digest that…..

  32. This has to be one of the most interesting reads in a while, on the condition Of Hip-Hop, and the problems that plagues us as a people, and humanity as a whole.

    I feel some really good forward thinking will evolve from this discussion.
    Truth be told tho, entertainment and politics are HUGE distraction from the real issues that imprisons us all.

    We talk about the many issues of our communities, but we are not ready to face the wizards behind the iron curtain just yet. We are still trying to “GET DAT PAPER” OR, “Yo I gotta support my family” (the new copout).

    It’s funny to see what some of the biggest names in “Rap” do with that platform…. other than spitting death, they indorse corporate america, and use it for their own financial gain at the expense of our children.

    They sold out one of the most powerful art forms on the planet for a few more dollars. These labels have become “COON UNIVERSITIES”, but it’s not the rapper, they are chosen, it’s the PUPPET MASTERS. Follow the stringz…. they go a lot higher than these rappers and labels.

    1. Metaphiziks,

      Spot on: “Follow the stringz….. they go a lot higher than these rappers and labels.” Everything mentioned in response to this thread deals with SYMPTOMS. It does not deal with the root cause of affliction. The roots run deep.

      It takes a lot to see them – the roots. And a lot more _____ to understand them. “I’m not interested in revolution. Revolution consistently revolves into revolts… I am seeking a new evolution.”

      Cool reference for this entire conversation:

  33. Serious inquiry here, now that we’ve crucified another black man in the media, with just cause to be correct, where can I find positive support for our black role models who put themselves right in the trenches. Every non republican black person I’ve seen on Fox so far is being crucified, and treated like criminals, no matter their status in society. Our society is geared towards taking us down. There is a far more sophisticated fight out there for us to fight, and it’s on a political scale. Affirmative action won’t be able to help us in this either. I don’t know who this chief Key guy is, but if we’re not talking about how we’re going to support our positive role models who are out there valiantly pushing forth our good efforts then we aren’t making any real progress or change.

  34. This from a artist perspective. You have two groups of people, one who says music can motivate people to do things and the other which says they absolutely can not.

    I do believe that music plays a big influence in how we act, more so because it is a particular type of culture which the labels promote.

    Record companies don’t promote “music” they promote lifestyles. A musician I knew said “people like you for who you are before they like your music”

    There is a reason why these particular artist say these particular things to these particular people. Just like there is a reason why these particular Asian Americans and people of Middle Eastern Descent own all the nail salons , corner stores beauty shops and gas stations in our neighborhoods.

    If you actually READ fest opinion you would see he wasn’t bashing keef, just more so bashing the machine that is behind him (and many other artist)

    Malik you seem like a intelligent individual but you seem to lack the foresight to look at things from the outside in. You (alike many other people) for some reason seem to get very defensive over anybody who has any opinion about a certain artist that is contrary to yours.

  35. @ Sterling – I heard that. Far, far more sophisticated. The last time I remember hearing anything significant about the KKK was when David Duke was running for office. Quite a new look for a self-proclaimed Klan member. Now, it’s like they don’t exist….or just went underground.

    Seems to me, the music geared towards African Americans (which has such a close and important connection to our heritage more so than other races in the US) is being used against us that’s much more effective than previous attempts at oppression.

    I like to use this question to drive home a point: “If you take every black man off the media landscape that’s recognized as either sports, music, or criminal, how many would be left?”

    Very, very sophisticated.

    @ Marlon
    This so called, “Malik” might be intelligent, but I have a hard time finding him ethnic, or even an individual.

    Malik Ali’s the most “ethnic” sounding name on this whole page, so why question “his” authenticity, right? Fck that.

    I’ve noticed a pattern of some “posters” on predominately black sites that have heavy, heavy usage of ebonics, misspellings and grammatical errors in some form or fashion of damn near every sentence used. And they’re always divisive, rude, argumentative and cancerous to the topic.

    Yoly went DIRECTLY at “Malik”, and after all the bravado he was spittin at every post, Mr. “Ali” didn’t have sh!t to say, did he?

    He DID say:

    “Kids drink and get high on their own” [Like it’s ok or something]

    “It is IRRESPONSIBLE to place the blame of the Chicago violence on ANY rapper, or ANY record label or company.” [Seriously? Irresponsible?!?! Interesting choice of words, no?]

    “Man Up and take that step forward like on Life. Even Bernie Mac stepped out and said, “I’m tha pappy”!! Lol. Be the pappy foreal out here to these lil guys.” [So kids aren’t affected by black music, but he’s gonna quote a fuqking black movie that’s 13yrs old!? LMBAO]

    And my personal favorite:
    “If you on some Fred Hampton shyt, or some Huey Newton shyt, pick up the gun. Straight up. Panthers have a book called pick up the gun, jo.”
    [1st, WTF is Jo? 2nd, The Panthers picked up guns because drunk white boys were coming over the tracks and shooting unarmed black people and the police weren’t doing anything about it….”Jo.”]

    Bad info, bad language, bad message. That’s “Malik”.

    And another thing. I’ve been listening to (and watching…..don’t forget the visual bombs!) rap and hip hop since 87 (yeah, videos didn’t kick in till later) and I have never…and I mean EVER, seen a “grown man” on the tip of a damn 16yo boy like “Malik” is on this kid. And THAT’s real!

    So I say stop addressing “someone(s?)” who seemingly only want to intentionally direct the discussion away from any valid point made and disrespects the individual making them on top of it.

    Again…I’ll mention he didn’t disrespect one of the few black women here. Didn’t even acknowledge her lengthy (and intelligent) questions. I think either “he” didn’t know how to handle that one, or “he” knew that Yola’s Brooklyn ass wouldn’t back down off some ignant ish, and it would get ugly. That about right, “Malik?”

    To all:
    If you think “Malik” is black, intelligent, boardroom smart, a decorated Persian Gulf war veteran, who assists in surgeries and has a higher IQ than his Jew teacher, but won’t (or can’t) RESPECT black people having a CONSTRUCTIVE discussion, then……

    “A closed mind is no different than a closed book, just a block of wood”


  36. IMO: I believe that chief Keef music is hot straight up I can’t get on here and lie saying its bad or garbage but what I can say is that the points made in this blog are very valuable by all means I feel Keef n Flocka are talented individuals by far but the messages in their music can be misleading at times overall it’s your own fault you comit. Crimes and smoke weed and all that you can’t let someone you don’t know influence you, there are times when you identify with artist and are more inclined to do what they promote but that’s your walk of life that’s got you identifying with them lets be real like 60%of niggas jus wanna get rich quick and only 20 percent actually make it the other 20 sie trying so all in all we set ourselves we don’t Educate each other we don’t hear rhymed eat and lupe. Cause no offense that shit ain’t hot to be real If u put these dudes on a lex Luger beat or young chop beat with their message then maybe jus maybe some can listen cause its the beats that really catch people most conscience rapper chose beats that fucking suck and are outdated only few beats sound nice or up to the time but in conclusion we ain’t improving ourselves we stay at the bottom cause we like it we love complaining about white people we love claiming the ghetto which actually isn’t a good luck and love to dress fresh and party the few that contradict that are the ones who aren’t even bothered by these songs idk if u can understand where I’m coming from but this all my opinion

  37. My MAIN pet peeve? A big ass paragraph with hardly any commas periods or question marks Just one big long run on ass sentence you know what im sayin tdot that is another tactic that I believe is being used to on the sly tip direct black youth towards improper usage of important life skills that will be crucial and necessary when trying to write papers send business letters and or emails and other correspondence I mean not allowing them to see proper writing skills while reading a somewhat intelligent statement is being made I’m somewhat amazed at the exact and proper spelling to garner respect of a statement yet a glaring lack of ANY punctuation whatsoever IMO It’s another way to retard intelligent growth of FUNDAMENTALS during a discussion feel whut I’m sayin Bundlez

  38. I know how to punctuate pretty damn good, and notice that reading a looong ass paragraph without it…..just doesn’t feel right. So if I’m a “learning” reader, I KNOW I’d be completely discombobulated by it, for real.

    Something tells me there might, just maybe, be something more to it. Call me a lil “‘noid”, but paranoia is the best defense there is, and it’s not like it’s unwarranted.

  39. Keep Livin This Life (LA to Chicago)
    Kaye Fox feat. Christiano Can (produced by NoID) 2001

    Know I lived that life. I pitched them rocks
    From the suburb streets to the city blocks.
    From LA to the C-H-I
    I don’t see why we should have to see our children die/
    Let’s stop being fake ballers.
    And focus on being real mothers
    and real fathers/ Real problem-solvers/
    So maybe we can stop our communities from dissolving (ald. che)
    Kids don’t live life from check to check.
    They’re living their lives from step to step.
    The worst ones are living from breath to breath
    Make’em feel appreciated. And not like lifetime regrets.
    Because time never forgets and a life never resets.
    Its hard to see but what we give to our seeds
    Comes back in old age, inevitably.
    This is my sentiment/ to the children living in stone tenement/ buildings/
    To let them know that I feel them.
    And those quiet cries that you’re crying alone.. I can hear them.
    Thru the rain, thru the strife, thru the pain, thru the lies…
    Fight that fight!
    And no matter what… you gotta keep on Livin’ This Life!

    Donnie/Fest this was a well timed post. 🙂

    1. everything in this world is negative. the positive is few and far between. being a blackman or woman in the U.S your fucked from the start. chief keef is a product of a system that doesnt care about him. but he was blessed with talent. which the devils can use. the best thing he can do now that he is in the game is get as much of the devils money as he can so his family can be straight even when he is gone. try not to lose his soul and understand that he is being used and he is not using them.

  40. Let me start by saying this: Hip-hop has always been a report of the things in my community becaus hip-hop is the community. Hip-hop is a culture. Rap is what people do. Using KRS-One as an example of violence being protrayed in hip-hop is irresponsible. The photo was a play on one take in Malcolm X’s home when he felt his life is in danger. That was the message behind the photo. My Uzi Weighs a Ton wasn’t even about guns period. But Keef is a child that has been brough up to think what he is doing is cool, not the opposite. If he felt what he saw was wrong, or had any idea that what he was seeing isn’t right, then he wouldn’t have gotten signed in the first place because his music wouldn’t have the desired appeal of what is popular now. But Keef isn’t the problem. The people who are behind the promotion and marketing of the material are the people who are responsible. His elders in his community and family are responsible. If you see people selling coke and shooting each other on the news and in your neighborhood everyday, you begin to believe its normal. Just like our young women are being led to believe that Basketball Wives (of which most of the cast members aren’t married) and shows like it are a factual represntation of womanly conduct.

    We, as a people, are responsible for what the definition of ‘cool’ is. That has seemed to change over the past few decades to something so much less than what it used to be. But that is something we all either support or cast away with our buying power. If no one bought the stupid shit this dude and others like him made, then there wouldn’t be a need to pay it attention. If people realized that Ricky Ross is not a rapper and lived and did the things he has been convicted of, yet doesn’t condone them, and saw that Rick Ross is a former correctional officer who has testified in court to saying that none of the things he raps about is real, and that they are all things that he has made up for entertainment (in order to prevent going to jail himself), then we could start to mold and form what reality is and isn’t. Sadly, Keef is a portaryal of the reality in Chicago as it has been allowed to be seen and heard through media influence, government mismanagement, and a lack of enough concern from its citizens. But we still have the power to influence what is ‘cool’. It starts at home and with common sense. Peace

  41. My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web page
    and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so
    i am just following you. Look forward to looking over your
    web page repeatedly.

  42. “This is not a pipe” (google it if you’re confused) and Keef is not a killer (at least not that anyone has been able to prove thus far). I see your point, but their are a lot of ethical issues involved in most of the proposed solutions I’ve come across. Just asking people to shift their culture away from glorifying violence and criminality on a personal level is fine, but this has been going on for years and clearly hasn’t had much effect, but to mandate policy (on any level) about how artists can express themselves is ethically unacceptable in my opinion.

  43. I am sorry this seems like such a ridiculous debate, chief keef did what anyone in the hood would do. What do you expect from a BD gang banger at 18?

    We need to look into the music industry and why they promote theses type of artist and allow young blacks to go back to jail and get locked up. They are making this music popular.

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