Keeping Up With Creative Projects

Whatever your hobby, you probably have multiple projects going on at once.

I’m a lister, so I keep a list of everything I’m working on. Here are my multiple projects that I’m currently working on:

  1. Project Life 2012
  2. Retirement Gift for Coworker
  3. Motorcycle Diaries (The Adventures of My Husband & I with our motorcycles)
  4. Home Album (Decor/Garden Projects in my new home)
  5. Step Son’s Book (To be given to him on either his 18th or 21st Birthday – He’s 13 now)
  6. Step Daughter’s Book (To be given to her on either her 18th or 21st Birthday – She’s 4 now)
  7. Autobiography (The album where I share my experiences/thoughts)

This list allows me to know what I have going on creatively at all times. My most recent completed projects included:

  1. Graduation Gifts for two Graduating Seniors
  2. Baby Shower Gifts (one was a 12 x 12 Frame and the other was a baby book)
  3. Mother’s Day Gift Album for my mom

This summer I will be trying a few new things including:

  1. Scrapbooking While Traveling
  2. My first 8 1/2 by 11 Album
  3. An altered tray

Of course I will keep you guys posted on my progress! Happy Crafting!

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