Is He The One? – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

This is something that my single friends ask me all the time. How do you know if you’ve met your life partner or a frog that you need to throw back in the pond? This is based on my own experience.

1. Does he embrace your flaws/quirks?

When I get nervous, I get really chatty. I can be overly sensitive during debates (I’m an Aquarian and we are very committed to our beliefs). My husband laughs with (not at) me when I get nervous and he pushes past my emotions when we’re debating to get to an understanding.

2. Does he protect you?

The man you decide to spend the rest of your life with should protect you from physical and emotional harm. During the beginning of my relationship other checks had a mouthful to say. My husband (then boyfriend) shut it down immediately and would not tolerate the disrespect of me by anyone. Today I feel 100% safe with him because I know that he will protect me from anyone or anything. If a man allows others (whether it’s his friends or family members) to disrespect you, you should think twice – especially if you’ve given these people no reason to dislike or mistrust you.

3. Does he challenge you?

When you’re wrong – does he say something? If you’re a procrastinator or you’re lazy or you’re self-destructive or self-deprecating, does he encourage you to do better? If your mate doesn’t push back at all then he could be a total pushover. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t challenge you to become a better person?

4. Is he kind?

Does he use loving language? Do you see him doing things for you that h’ed never do to or for anyone else? My husband often shares his food with me. Apparently I’m the first person that he enjoys sharing food with. He has described to me numerous incidents where he actually got angry or refused to share with women he’s been with in the past. My husband has never called me out of my name nor has he raised a finger or hand at me. He is and has always been very kind and patient.

5. Can you imagine life without him?

Even the thought of losing my husband sends me into paralysis. Just the thought makes my eyes fill up with tears. He is not replaceable. I know there is no one like him on earth. If you find yourself humming the tunes to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” “to the left, to the left,” then it many not be time to settle down with your beau.

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