The Aqua & Orange Kitchen

The first room in our home that we are finishing will be our kitchen. Currently our kitchen is white and the walls are a cream color.

We are going to paint our kitchen orange:

This color is called Exciting Orange and it’s by Sherwin Williams.

As far as accessorizing the kitchen, I’m planning to do it in Aqua (at least for the Spring and Summer) and perhaps brown/red/gold for the Fall and Winter. Here are some of the items I’m considering:

These are Chevron Curtains that retail for $99 on Etsy.

Each of the items retails for less than $50 on Etsy:

The crown above would be used strictly for decoration. The vases would be used for either flowers or for storing spoons/utensils on the cabinet.

The above painted Mason Jars would also be used as utensil holders/decorations.

Now as far as the walls, I know that I want to use white frames (to match my cabinets and the white in the curtains). I’m thinking of adding three pieces of art (in similar styled frames) to the walls. Here are some prints I’m considering:

This print would look amazing matted with aqua blue and placed inside a white frame.

And finally, here are some photos that inspired my Aqua/Orange kitchen combo:

We will be painting before the end of June. I’ll keep you guys posted on the status!!!


7 thoughts on “The Aqua & Orange Kitchen

  1. One of the houses we looked at actually had orange walls, which was cool except that everything else hadn’t been updated since the 60s (think shag carpet–in the kitchen!, old school stove, etc.)

    I’m excited to see what it will look like when ya’ll are finished!

  2. love that combo! Have you seen the web series “The Couple” or “The Number”? There was one episode where they shot a scene in a bathroom that had an aqua and kind of coral color going on. I never saw such a gorgeous bathroom lol.

  3. The orange aqua look is beautiful. Both r bright & cheerful. I couldn’t really see it at first but after seeing the pics I think it’s a fantastic color combo.

  4. I painted small opposite walls and ceiling orange of my 1950’s beach bungalow. The ceilings are very high. This is the area abobe my large tiled white bar. One wall has a window. I painted the adjoining dining room a medium aqua. There is lots of light with the bay windows which are presently trimmed an off-white color. the only thing separating dining area from the kitchen is the white bar, so the orange is very bold above the bar. My kitchen is paneled from about 5′ down and is pale yellow. I want to paint the paneling white and paint the upper walls in the medium Aqau. I will then paint the 1970’s oak color cabinets white. I have a pot rack in my kitchen with rachel ray orange pots and pans. I really like the look but fear that rachel ray orange is a bit much. However, I have hung a couple of white sea shells on one side of the window and some bright mexican pottery on the other. One is a colorful bee and the other is a lizard. I can hardly wait to get there this weekend and start painting those awful cabinets.

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