I Can Smell Summer

Today was an incredible day. I was able to successfully submit all of my grades (all 140 of them) and I was able to participate in the senior graduation since I have a senior homeroom.

I watched 482 young people walk across the stage tonight to get their diplomas and it had me thinking about milestones. Some milestones are set by society – you’re supposed to graduate from High School, you’re supposed to get married, have kids, yadda, yadda, yadda. But those who are the most successful in life create their own milestones.

Now that we’re in our home (which I’m still totally in love with) I’ve set up mini milestones. For the month of June we’re going to start painting the interior and I’m anxious to get outside to work in my yard (which by the way I have NO experience with). But that’s just a small example.

Think briefly about the societal milestones you’ve met and then start thinking about some new ones (big and small). I’m working on my summer 2012 manifesto and will be posting that next week. I have five days left of school but now that we’ve submitted final grades it’s all about cleaning up, organizing and taking an inventory of my supplies so I know what to buy over the summer.

Hugs & Kisses!

2 thoughts on “I Can Smell Summer

  1. MWOG – Congratulations again on the milestone of purchasing a home!!! I gald to here that you want to work outside in your yard. You may not have any experience but it is definitely in your genes. Your grandmother Mary and your great grandmother Rena both had green thumbs and loved to work with plants inside their home and outside in their yards! And remember we were farmer in Arkansas so I am hopeful for you and your venture to work outside in your yard. Connected To The Vine, John 15 – Auntie/Rev. Janet

    1. Thanks so much Aunt Janet. I definitely have gardening/yard care in my blood, I’ve just never tapped into that lol. I think my granny will be coming here sometime this summer to give me a crash course lol.
      Love you! Hope all is well!

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