A Major Transition for Me/My Family


The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me because my husband and I are now homeowners!!!

We’ve purchased a beautiful all brick home that was built in 1910 and was once owned by my husband’s grandfather and it is the home his father grew up in. The house is very charming and classic and it has a timeless style. We had to move because we were living in one of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago and with my 13 & 4 year old step children and our plan to have more children we had to remove ourselves from that environment. It caused a lot of anxiety and stress and we felt that we needed to be in a community with other people who care about their quality of life. This is my first home and the first home that my husband and i have purchased together and in my eyes it is a miracle. We started looking back in December and although fun it is a very time consuming and emotionally draining process.

It has also been a bit crazy because it is the end of the school year and I have piles of papers to grade. This is the last full week of classes and next week is finals week. The last week of school is all about wrapping things up. We finish officially on June 15th then I’m off for 9 whole weeks!

So… back to the house which is always on my mind these days. The plan is that every piece of furniture or figurine we bring into our home will be something that we love. I don’t want to settle at all. We have a vision and will be making that vision come to life, I’m a serial craigslister and I love a good bargain, but I’m hoping to invest in quality pieces that are meaningful and beautiful. Now I will still hunt on Craiglist for certain Items (like a grandfather clock) and I’m no stranger to Target for accessories but some nice things are expensive!

So get ready for more interior design style posts and please bear with my irregular posting schedule!

Donnie <—— The Domestic Diva

2 thoughts on “A Major Transition for Me/My Family

  1. That’s really awesome! I love how the house has been in your husband’s family for generations–what a precious gift.

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