Overcoming Fear of Rejection


Approximately one month ago while reading my favorite website/online magazine Clutch, I saw that they were accepting submissions.

I’ve been reading Clutch Magazine for about 4 years now. It is the premier online magazine for women of color. Clutch has been where I’ve gotten my news, fashion inspiration and reflective articles. So it was nothing short of a miracle that they were looking for new pitches.

One night I decided that I would write up a pitch about scrapbooking. After submitting the pitch I was immediately told they were interested but wanted to read the full piece.

I spent the next few days writing it up and sent it off. I received a response that said they weren’t sure that’s what they were looking for. I said “thank you and I’ll resubmit something soon.” Fast forward one month and I received an email saying that they were going to publish it AND I’d get compensation for it.

When it comes to writing professionally, you have to be willing to embrace the idea that you may get rejected. The last few pieces I’ve sent to various publications were duds. Even the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series – Jack Canfield and Mark Victor received 134 rejections.

The point here is that every no gets you closer to a yes. Rejection is a part of the process of refining. And in my case, I had to exercise patience. Had I resubmitted right away, the piece would still be just a word doc on my computer. Please check out “Scrapbooking: Writing A Letter to the Future” and leave a comment or two over at Clutch. Thanks!!!

Here is my baby: http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2012/05/scrapbooking-writing-a-letter-to-the-future/

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