Organizing A Scrapbook Idea Binder

Over the weekend I decided to organize my Scrapbook Idea Binder.

Since I started scrapbooking 10 years ago, I’ve collected magazine tear outs, printed how to guides from the Internet, and created sketches for pages & albums I’d like to recreate.


My process included:

1. Removing all pages from sheet protectors and creating a stack.

2. Reading each page and determining it’s category + writing a little note about something I loved. If the layout that I liked was on a page with a random advertisement or a layout I wasn’t crazy about, I cut it out and glued it to a white sheet of computer paper.

3. If I came across a layout that didn’t match a category I already had, I wrote a new category on my Master List. My final master list included the final categories:

A. Layout Ideas – this category was for layouts that I love in general and hope to make one day.
B. Journaling – ideas for writing stories & recording memories
C. Numbers – how to incorporate ages, charts & graphs into layouts
D. Organization – how to bring order to supplies, tools & craft spaces
E. Theme: Baby – I make a lot of gift albums and frames for and about babies so it was only natural that I’d include this category for easy access
F. Decor – how to make frames, shadow boxes & other items for the home
G. Theme: Birthday – ideas for birthday layouts
H. Minis – everything related to making mini albums which for me is anything less than 8 x 8 inches
I. Photos – photography ideas
J. Kid’s Projects – crafty things to do with little ones or fun
L. Sketches – nothing but layout sketches created by other people


4. Next, I created index labels for the divider tabs for each category. I was sure to insert the tabs in the binder in alphabetical order.

5. While sorting though each page I created a pile for each category.

6. I then inserted each page into a sheet protector and put it into the binder in the appropriate category. I ended up throwing away a lot of pages that were outdated or no longer inspiring for me.

7. I scheduled a date on my calendar to go through the binder again (1 year from now).


The final product contained 125 sheet protectors (with 2 pages per sheet protectors). So I have a total of 250 pages of inspiration. I need to go through a similar process for my recipes, home decor ideas and fashion ideas. The entire project took about 6 hours (3 hours for two days). Binders are an effective organization tool. I use them to organize several projects in my personal and professional life.

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