When Life Gets In The Way


When life gets in the way, you need to either move or stand still…

There are only so many hours in the day and so many days in a given week. We all have our responsibilities and as much as we fantasize about it, there isn’t a bottomless pit of money that we can dig in to.

Last week I had every intention of doing A Week In the Life… but oddly enough life got in the way. I had several work projects to finish and by the time I got home I just didn’t feel like uploading all of the pics or carrying my camera around all day. I was very excited about this opportunity to zoom into my life for 7 days but it just didn’t happen.

When it comes to matters of the the mind and matters of the heart, try not to force it. I could have forced myself to take pictures or even forced myself to journal but I just wasn’t into it and I had to embrace that, acknowledge those feelings and move on. Interestingly enough, I ended up scrapbooking for about four hours on Friday and three hours on Sunday… Just not A Week in the Life…I love the concept, I love Ali Edwards but I just had to be honest with myself and let it go this time.

Remember, everything is not going to happen, but whatever is supposed to happen, will happen.

2 thoughts on “When Life Gets In The Way

  1. I needed this reminder that it is completely okay to step away from my regularly scheduled program sometimes. Not everything I plan to do will get done and THAT’S OKAY! As always, thank you for delivering that piece of knowledge right on time 🙂

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